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Friday, July 16, 2010

please go see see look look ah~ even better, leave a comment :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i was thinking whether i should migrate to other website or not.. quite sick of blogger.com alr~ but feel damn lazy to redo everything now :/

nvm, maybe wait till after my UT.. then i will do a renovation in my blog? hope by that time, i will not forget about my blog.. haha! cos i got a feeling that, my inspiration to blog is also zero now. OOPS!

want to dye my hair sia, thinking of what colour..

i dont know which to choose, hmmm..
mocha orange dyed before, so quite bored with it.. btw, i feel like trying something new also~ LOL!
maybe marshmallow brown? like not bad right~ okay, i think i will get this colour..! woo, excited about the my dying session tml :D but hope it is still okay, and not get caught by the stupid RP :/

suddenly i want to get so many things these few days.. like clothes, and earphones! yes, earphone~ i went to miss queenie (as usual), to look for eye candies and saw these...

i was still thinking whether this:

SGD 26.90

or this:

SGD 22.90

So in this end, i choose ACCESSORIES 17! cos i think that it is super unique with a button shape.. :D and also, i like the colour. the ACCESSORIES 18 dont really suit my liking cos the neon is~ (shake head shake head) LOL!
btw, it comes with a pouch for ACCESSORIES 17 TOO :P hahahaha~ nice right right??

aiya, i just need to learn financial management.. my money is spending so fast, and i dont even know why~ it is like magical, *POOF* then gone~ :'(

and i see my screen jump once in a while AGAIN! i think the LCD is going to strike again.. hiax! bad omen~ but please dont let it happen.. cos i dont want to go to funan mall again! i dont want the bad history to happen EVER AGAIN! >:(

eh! quite a long post yeah? hahaha~ feel so accomplished! LOL~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

WHY ON SAT?! haix.. i want to see JOKWON!
i dont know whether am i that unlucky or not..cos i was working in OMNI THEATRE which is SUPER DUPER near IMM! and i can see them after my work!

HOWEVER, they are arriving there at 530pm~ and at that time, I NEED TO REACH CONRAD! wtfffff, i dont understand!
am i freaking no fate to see my favourite star in real life?!?!?!?!?!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

it is not that i dont want to blog, is that I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT.

some happenings in my life please...