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Monday, May 24, 2010

(and i dont even know i will be able to forget or not... )

i hate it when im being scolded for nothing..
i hate it when im being not treated fairly..
i hate it when you all just ASSUME!..

so fucking please, back off and get the facts right first!
by the way, you dont deserve my respect anymore..

Friday, May 21, 2010

bad news always come to me whenever i want to enjoy my weekend :(

let me tell you how busy i will be in this weekend alright?

SATURDAY, 22 may 2010
930-1430: YOG training! hate it! i dont know why i always get turn off with their training :P maybe their time is too early, i think.. but i dont feel like going laaa! (N)

1730-(dont know when my super bad manager going to release me): WORK in CONRAD! my always-ill-treat-me manager ordered LIYI and me to go back and work tml :( i was even thinking that i can go back and chiong sleeping after my training..
now, need to wear heels la~
need to work till morning la~
need to serve guests again! arghhhhh!

SUNDAY, 23 may 2010
1500 onwards: working in sentosa, i think banquet?? hmm, but this is better.. cos got my E56N classmates accompanying me to work~ (Y) happy! but the pay is freaking good, $10 per hour siaaaa! woohoo! HIGH AH!
cannot forget that my whole class cheer when BAZA said that salary amount! super good right right? wahahahaha~

lets get high on sun yeah? LOL! (Y)(Y)(Y)

this is not bad, MEIQI intro one.. hahah! and this drama makes me like 黃騰浩 :P woohoo! :DDD

AND ONE MORE THING: i am super envy of those who can see SHOW LUO IN PERSON! and even better, go to his 3D concert! :(((

oh, talking of 3D.. who want to watch shrek FOREVER AFTER???? :D
(also, eclipse is finally coming! (Y))

and wth is this going to air?!?!?! so excited!

Monday, May 17, 2010

will head to bed after blogging... promise :D

(becoming from boy to man)

i am seriously in love with SUPER JUNIOR! i have been watching and re-watching AND RE-WATCHING their mv these few days. But im still not sian yet! GOOD THING! (Y)
(Plus, the 4th album is really good..) (Y)(Y)(Y)

at first, i was thinking that : BONAMANA is okay.. but after listening for a few times, i find this song a-w-e-s-o-m-e! the dancing, and mv everything, PERFECT!
but i doubt they will come to Singapore, and even they will come.. i got no time to go see them :(

but sad thing is, only 10 members.. really missed the times when all 13 are united as one, haix! nvm, better than nothing! :DDD
cos i really think that they will not produce anymore albums with problems going on in them.. but HAPPILY, i was wrong!
first time so happy being wrong, waha!

favourite members? EVERYONE! cos they are so funny!!! HAHAHAHAHA~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

OMGGGG! super junior finally comeback! woohoooo~ happy! hahaah! i think i have influenced my sis also, she is into SUJU NOW! funny ttm ah!


좋은 사람 (Good Person)

Here We Go

My Only Girl

응결 (Coagulation)

사랑이 이렇게 (My All Is In You)

(and the list goes on...)

hmm, actually right~ all are nice! wahahaha~ came to realise that i almost putting all the songs in :P i think SUJU has really come out with a best of the best album!
cos it is super rare for a person, LIKE ME, to like the whole album :DDDDDD
my fav song? GOOD PERSON, keep on listening and still have sian yet (Y)(Y)(Y)

oh, currently addicted to COOKING MAMA! even my sis also, we also hao-lian-ing our scores and compare with each other.. haha! TUUUU-PID AH!
all thanks to hellven~ hahahahaha! intro to me and meiqi :D make my weekend damn meaningful (Y)

oh, mon is my first UT :(((( cooking, oh noooooo~ dont know how to survive for the long hours in kitchen.. haix!
after that still got ECONS! *faint* can i just commit suicide now? now im alr mood-less just BY THINKING about mon :'(

nvm, get it over and done with.. SIAN AHHHHH!

Monday, May 10, 2010

(i know im slow, but yesterday got no time to blog.. so hehe~ a belated one :P )


for everything you have done for me for bearing my temper (those who know me, will understand how hot-tempered i am.. right?? )
for giving me the best advice that i needed when i am helpless
for supporting me all these while, even when im in the wrong :P
for letting me to enjoy all the homecooked food (Y)

last but not least, thank you soooo much for being my best friend from i was a baby till now :)

hope you like the present that i have bought for you :) and also hope you enjoyed your time in grandmother's house for celebration of MOTHER'S DAY,



today, got to hear one news.. which have successfully made me SUPER TURN OFF! my very first UT, fall one mon~ and is CULINARY! oh nononononono!
also, after that i got another UT 30 mins later :((((
cry alr la~ WAHHHHHH!

so i need to ... :
  • bring chef uniform
  • bring the su-par heavy toolkits
  • bring safety boots (fyi, it is made from steel, HEAVY!)
  • bring LAPTOP
  • wear corporate attire :((((((
everything on freaking mon! so you will see me ma jiam on the run or something! _l_
whatever laaa! anyways, excited for thursday! woohoo~ visiting hotel! and i am going to...


Friday, May 7, 2010

suddenly have the kick to blog! woohoo~ okay, after watching LIFE right.. Kitano Kii give me the urge to cut short hair siaaaaa! AHH!
also i dont know why, recently i feel that long hair is a nuisance.. like hard to take care of it :(
PLUS PLUS, she is super pretty in the drama, im tempted la.. seriously :P
need proof?

see see! so nice!
wanted to have her hair, but scared that wont have same outcome as hers.. :(

aiyoooo! should i or should i not ahh~ FAN AH! (N)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

lesson now, one word: SIAN!

okok, MAY 4 is fun! wohooo~ happy belated birthday LIYOUNG! :DDDDD
oh ya, your eyes can dont be that sharp next time, haha! or else we need to come out with plan A,B,C...Z! kill brain cells sia :(
but thank God we did give you a surprise, hope we did :) the photo are all so nice! LOVE IT! must keep in wallet ah..
and hope that you had a great birthday! and HAPPY 18~ can buy beers without fear (Y)(Y)(Y)

currently addicted to one manga: LIFE
super nice! (Y) it is about a story of highschool life, but is about bullying and etc~ and also the cruelty of realistic and typical stuffs that may happen to you and me...
i have like finished the uploaded volumes in one day? chiong reading all the way :D
but still ongoing, SAD! but hope that they will upload it soon! PLEEEEEASE!

they have drama series also, thinking of watching it :P but next time maybe? waha!

this is the drama im now addicted too, called: CINDERELLA SISTER! nice too, but also O-N-G-O-I-N-G :( their song is nice too, by Yesung in SUJU i think~ GREAT VOICE!

enjoy~ :D

Monday, May 3, 2010

woohoo! today my lesson was super fun! but super tiring also :( my legs were aching, and hands need to carry all those heavy objects.
hmm, made stocks and sauces today! and im the taster of today! kept on using my tasting spoon to taste people's stuffs :P seriously, NICE~~~ mine was okay la, BUT AT LEAST I DID COME OUT WITH SOMETHING okay!!

and so...

TADA! my brown sauce! quite bland actually, but added sugar and salt in it~ in the end, Chef Flora said: hmm, to much sugar! :P OOPS!

not bad right? who said i cannot cook, now is proven that I CAN! (Y)

my lovely classmates~ haha, caught EDA taking pictures too!

the brown stock, for the next class~ abit yucky if you all know where it comes from(to me laaaa), but okay la~ still edible :DDDD

whooo! then ended the lesson after clearing up, but late dismissal :( super tired and felt so relaxed after changing :)
then went to JP with JESELYN, LIYI and AGATA(wrong spelling, i think).. and look at shoes for the saturday COC! and i realised that i havent told my mom about it yet, :P
aiya, heck care la! just tell her later can alr..

hehe, while waiting.. camwhored with LIYI ;D

and i like the white FOP tee damn MUCH MUCH MUCH! so freaking happy to have one!! :DDDDD

Saturday, May 1, 2010

best to have it during warm weather LIKE NOW! freaking warm please can~ *roll eyes*
got a few new songs in my playlist, NOT BAD AT ALL! woohoo, happy! (Y) enjoying my drink and snacks right now, spending my weekend being a slacker... again =.=

nvm, working next week :D hope it will go smoothly ;D
oh ya, thanks DEYUN for your drink yesterday (Y) next time will be my turn to treat ah! :D