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Friday, October 30, 2009

i was dining with wei yun and jerome for dinner, after school~ then i started to make this special 'sushi'.
hahaha! let me tell you the ingredient:
  • fried chicken
  • leftover rice
  • a very yucky mayonnaise mixed with chilli sauce mixed with lettuce salad
i was just jk with jerome about daring him to eat it... he rejected at first, then he suddenly said:give me!
WTH!! then he just popped it into his mouth... super yucky!! thinking of it makes me..eeeyyyeerr!!!

look gross right?



then today anna,wei yun, jerome,rashidah and me when to eat again... so i started playing with wei yun's leftover mashed potato~ haha! then anna made this:

after the dinner, jerome, anna and rashidah went off first~ so weiyun and i actually wanted to play wii in school first... but haix! got ppl alr~ :(((
so we just find a spot in the lib and watch SPIRITED AWAY(damn nice!) but weiyun watch till want to sleep, then we stop and chit chat lor~

we got bored and then think of going to sport complex to see whether got any match to watch... cos the POL-LITE is going on~ then we saw this!
wei yun and i thought got abit weird leh~ and then we finally found the wrong thingy in it...
what is it? guess la!

CLUE: look at it properly!!

can find??? haha! okok la! tell you, is the N!! damn ps sia! they printed a lot of these board with the wrong N, all over the school lor! really... they win alr, i speechless!

wrong vs correct one
not good, not good at all...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

seriously, why me?

Monday, October 26, 2009

haha, today went to meet my bestie... to sign dk what policy at timberland~
then the bernard is funny sia: eheh, you know what you signing or not??!?!? you signed this means you need to work at least 100 hours in a month, or else your pay will be cut half leh!!
then we went to mac and eat dinner!! long time didnt eat mac alr, shiok ah!
then she told me about the monopoly thingy, damn fun sia!
  • sort of like about you buy a extra value meal then got two game pieces(4 for upsize)... this is what i heard from her la, dont know i got rmb correctly or not~ then then, collect it you can win prizes!!! :)))
    also also, if you got sentosa and marina bay ones!! $50,000 IS YOURS!!!
BUT the thing is that we only two meals, how she get 8 game pieces???

cool right? they paste this on the dining table~ lol!

haha, our UPSIZED meals! i was damn shocked when i saw the plate~ cos i know we cannot finish it... btw, she got mcspicy and i got big mac!! i love BIG MAC~ yummy!!!

she was talking on a phone, then i take a pic of her... see see, game pieces on her hand! WOOHOO!!

tou tou take one... heh!

not bad right? what i got... :DD oh ya, jasmine told me i am lucky... cos the no colour tag game piece is only 100,000(i think) got it~ so i am one... -.-

trying hard to get a close view, but blur... sian!

after the meal, she suddenly said want to take bus instead of train.. cos she want to sleep~ okat lor, accompany her!! the trip is okay la, not that long... but quite long~ 30 mins plus plus??
so cam-whore la! of cos...

can imagine how shaky the bus is???

and finally, one that we are both contented with~ :)))

Sunday, October 25, 2009

i think i am obsessed with blogging... i did one just now, and now another one~ cos seriously nth to do at home!

yesterday, i unknowingly watched a ghost movie(yes, the above one)~ my heart really going to pop out! OMG
i just finish bathing, then i saw my mom was watching a movie on channel 8 (i think)
and also, this is the first time she would watch late night movie rather than going to sleep! then, i go kpo kpo...
i asked her: mummy, what movie is this??
she replied: nice one, very exciting
so i said: is this scary movie???
she then told me: not really...

all of you know right? i am the BIG NONO to ghost movie person... but since my mom said not really, then i watched lor~
but as i watched, i find the movie really seems like ghost movie ://
then i asked again: is this ghost movie??
again she said: okay la~ (haix!)

then suddenly a scene appeared and i screamed! really screamed... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!! (around 11 going 12 midnight??)

it is a scene when the guy opened a big big tub filled with water and a dead woman wearing red dress being sort of thrown out and lied on his body... damn scary! just imagine a person that has decomposed in water lying on top of you~ see whether you freak out or not!

and, i cried :///// of cos, can link right?
and also the fighting scene is damn bloody, they really show a head separate from the body on the television! WTH?!!?!
btw, i dont know why i watch it till the end... stupid me! but at least there is funny parts la! :)))

those like bloody cum touching cum sad ending cum ghostly ones~ go try go try!

tml got schooling (sian!)
tml got rj (sian!)
tml got that faci (sian!)
tml have to wake up damn early (sian!)
tml is only monday (sian!)
can dec come fast fast???

i just love it when my someone can make me laugh when i just woke up! :)))
i ask my mom: mummy, what for breakfast???
my mom replied me this: i didn't prepare breakfast, so just continue sleeping till 1pm and lunch will be ready...

hahahaha, my mind was WTH?!?!?
i think my mom is just too used of me waking up in the afternoon, and now is too lazy to prepare any breakfast~ but this comment really... dk what to say! :))))

the weather nowadays are just damn unbearable! :/ thank god RP got air-con...then at least i still can keep my body away from sweat~ :D
is there some ways i can be cooling at all times???
  1. eat ice cream(standard)
  2. go shopping mall??
  3. slack at home and dont go anywhere... :D
then in that case i choose choice 3!!! cos i love to stay at home now, unlike the past~

then i suddenly found this in my phone, and i realised that i took this when i was damn bored being a clicker....hahaha! meant for uploading from long ago~
STM psps!
(also also, the uploading is freaking loooooooooong)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

today i got a mood to help mummy in cooking a dish, cos i suddenly rmb i got culinary in year 2 (sian!)

so i went to the kitchen and saw her frying egg... yeah! my fav dish!!
i took a pic and ka jiao her~
ME: mummy mummy i help you fry
(at first she is damn unwilling, but in the end she give in :))
MUMMY:okay, but dont ruin it ah! i want to put one nice piece into the plate

this was when i take over her...
and i started to wait for it to be ready to flip over~ damn excited! cos i flip an egg before, so confident that i wont ruin it lor!!

BUT some things are just so unpredictable! i think i flip it way toooooooooo early, and it split!
my mind was:OH SHIT! sure going to get it from my mom lor! nb~

the FIRST flip

then, i decided to try flip it again cos it is going to chao ta! also trying to get my confidence back la~ haix! then it split again! WTH?!?!? now, is three pieces... :/

the SECOND flip

so nvm lor, since like this! just make do with three pieces... then i flip and flip somemore~
TADA!! it became scrabble egg!! haha! in other word, i sort of ruin the dish!
my mom came in, and just speechless! damn disappointed with myself!

but taste nice actually, although the outcome is not nice... wahahahaha!
year 2...culinary~ mind as well drop it first! hopeless me!

Friday, October 23, 2009

thank you wei yun for making all the pics nice nice!!!

my dinner for today...
was heading home when i got craving for finger food :))) yummy!

the ji pa still taste great!

kimchi pancake, NOT BAD!!!

today is cognitive~ sian! woke up late again, and got to school at 9~ WTH?!??!!?
but used to it bah, surprise that my mum didnt scold me for waking up damn late in the morning (WOW!)
sometimes, i just love her... :))))
eating chicken rice for lunch, shiok ah!!!
rabbit roared! damn funny HELLOOOOOOOO!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

stupid sia! i feel so idiotic!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my mood just suddenly went down, seriously dont know why...
restless, mood-less and feel irritated suddenly~ now i even find that blogging is tough... haha!
maybe i just being too happy these few days, so my body need a rest?! think so~
anna told me before: dont always depend on your mood to do anything, not good
but habit just dont change, cos it has been with me for years~ quite hard to really change overnight... haha, shit sia! emo kid is back!

how long has i been away from the emo state ah?? since end of olevel?? wow, loooooooong sia! good job good job! :))))
but idk why, i just find that my mood is not right... very wrong lor! feel like scolding someone now, sorry for those who have been scolded by me ah~ hehe, dont take it to heart(take it to your lungs)
got mood to joke, not bad not bad!
well, maybe is just that i am too tired(i hope la!)... tml will be better!
fuck sia! the noise pollution is seriously unbearable! really feel like calling them to shut up and fuck off! i need some peace! somemore, getting louder louder! argh...! cb!!!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

桃花小妹 aka MOMO LOVE

original casts

new ones...

quite excited with is drama, cos got really handsome casts in it... then storyline also quite funny!
but they say actually the casts have been changed, due to some reasons~
BUT i still hate cindy wang... from looooooooooooong ago!
cos once i was watching a variety show, then a host told us~
she was going to have a radio interview, then she was late! but she didnt even apologise when she was late at that time, but still give black face... WTH!! anyway, the host also dont benefit from saying all this right? PLUS, he also dont have a bad record of lying~

oh ya, i damn hungry now! cos played com till forgot to eat dinner... then only just i realised that it is alr 1 sth! anyway, not the first time~ used to it! wahahahahaha... good way to slim down too =D

Saturday, October 17, 2009

OMG, i just got back from my cousin wedding dinner...can say only TIRED
dk is that i have not been going to this kind of event, or what~ suddenly feel so shagged and sian there!
BUT, the place is soooooooooooo damn beautiful!!!
all the decoration, all the mood and WOW!
okok, here goes:

i like the way they tied the towel, like a scroll~

i LOVE this small gift, A BELL!!! good the 'precious moment' feel~

nice right???

starting starting!

ice craving, but melted abit~ :(

the flower petals used to throw at the couple! wahahahaha

OF COURSE! there will be food, standard! (same type one somemore)
but i didnt really go take all the food pictures, cos some i dont like~ i only take those i like :))))
also also, my parents bui tahan and decided to leave halfway through... :D(can imagine how many i am???)

this dish is the nicest among the rest of it! fried prawn mixed with wasabi mayonnaise! shiok ah!

this okay okay only, but eat too much is eeyer~

i like to eat this kind of gravy vegetable, nice~!

BOREDOM! so zi-lian!

my cousin! ze son

my cousin! wen xuan(ze son's sister)

i saw the reflection, and hehe! itchy hand, decided to take photos too!

me and my sis! idiot she, give me this face when i take photo with her... :/

haha, ang's sisters!

okok, after this pic.. then my mom said: lets go!
i dashed to the door in a blink of eye ;D