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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hmmm, i need some inspiration to blog~ dull life! (N)
I need some excitement in my life, or else i will die of boredom.
for example??

I have been knocked down by car and stay in coma for days.


win something nice, so that i can get out of singapore and enjoy my life there for a long period of time.
seriously, i need a life full of excitement.. not a life full of bullshitting and some idiot assholes surrounding me :/

Monday, June 21, 2010

WOOHOOOOO~! happy ttm ah, cos TOP finally have his own solo mv :DDD

okay, lets admit that im bias laa.. i find the song nice sia, and he is super handsome in the mv!! please, let him have somemore of his own music video!

TOP, YOU ARE THE BEST! (Y)(Y)(Y) btw, the monkey in the mv is super cute also~ wahahahhah!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

troubles, go away.
irritating bitches and bastards, get out of my life.
oh, and one more thing..


Thursday, June 3, 2010

this song, damn nice!
the show, damn good!

(link to the episode one of the show, GOGOGO!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OH, i have a blog?! hah, realised that didnt update for super long time! apologies! cos started working, so no time~
hmmm, rest assured! this will be a interesting post.. i hope :P

So, what have i been doing?

1) i got a freaking job! WAHA!

YES, i got a job in snow city.. but they put me in omni theatre :D not bad! learnt photoshop, and edit this and that~ (Y)
but the crowd is quite okay only, so sort of nth to do there.. LOL!

hmm, i think this is my second time going to SINGAPORE SCIENCE CENTRE?? and, i only know that there is a omni theatre in SSC when i went for the 'interveiw'. haha! noob!

oh, i got in love with this BIG T-REX just outside the entrance..

(ahhh! its looking at me!!! =.= haha, just joking!)

it looks damn real, and IT EVEN CAN ROAR LIKE A REAL T-REX! at first, i have thought that the 'roar' was the thunder.. but at last, i realised that it is his :P STUPID AH!

so, i got in! (Y) like the people there, and hoping to make more new friends :DDD
if you want to take too, do come do come! *welcome with both hands*

6R size = $10
4 x wallet size = $12
keychain/magnet type = $8
(have four background to choose from too! (Y) well, will try to get samples soon*winks*)

2) YOG training~ coming soon!!!

made new friends, and got 2 rp seniors in my team! what a coincidence! WOOHOO! well, everything was good, but the duration is too looooong!
imagine 0900-1730! neh neh! sorry guys, for leaving earlier.. :P

anyways, hope to see you all in the events.. even better if we are teammates right right?? :D

And, current in love with...?


okay, i know im slow.. but just find my love back in this drama~ i was addicted once in the past, now addicted again! wahahaha!
thanks to FUNSHION, i get to enjoy all the episodes, woohoo! but anna is telling me to watch vampire diaries, hmm should i??

maybe i will decide after my GG yeah??

2) KISSES - cookies!

my sis bought one packet, and i sooo going to finish it soon! a great watching drama snack! keep me awake, and sugar level up!
HAPPY! maybe i will buy a packet whenever im going to have drama marathon ah..
YESYES, i should!

3)MISS QUEENIE, i want it ALL!

haix! when the hell is my pay going to come.. ?? yes when when! im working like shit, and my bank balance is still ZERO! please please, come soon!!!

seriously, sometimes i just wish that i got the magic clock that can make everyday is my PAYDAY! so that i can buy whatever i want~ :(
but nvm! they are coming~ i know cos i can feel it! be strong wanting, be strong!

interesting stuffs, lately???

haha! i think this only will high all the suju fans! eunhyuk and others are using twitters!!! WAHAHAHA! of course, i will look and follow them right right? AND I DID!

want to know the account names?? go see my twitter account! LOL!

and i dont know whether im bored or what, i find the facebook games quite nice too!O.O
like my empire, nightclub city, country story and hotel city!

those who have it, please add as neighbours! thanks thanks!

hmm, i think thats all?? haha, will try to update when i have time yeah?? promise!