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Thursday, April 29, 2010

random.com! i was thinking whether want to buy Shih-lin crispy chicken or SWEET TALK~
at last, bought the chicken..
BUT, strong craving for the LYCHEE GREEN TEA ICE BLENDED WITH JELLY now :(((
sad laaa!

today lesson was seriously boring! wanted to partial at first, but didnt in the end.. and lets be honest yeah?
i didnt go off is becos that i got her talk after school, so cannot go :/ haix! suay right! i know...

but anyways, today im having a MAJOR HEARTACHE ah~ cos i was blogshopping in class just now, and i came across a super duper similar shirt that i just bought online!
AND! the price is only $16, while i paid for $25.20! knn, heart-pain! xim tia ah!
and got to know this nice song in class, (Y) ah! :D

enjoy :D

Sunday, April 25, 2010

went out with sis to JP today, need to do some shopping and an adviser :D
haha, bought something at COTTON ON also.. HAPPY! (Y)
ohoh, both of us created a new drink at SWEET TALK~ waha, cos wanted to try sth new (Y)
super niceeeee ah! hahah, will become my new addiction now :DDDD

then we were walking and saw one promotion! haha, then we started laughing, cos it is the MOST SUPER DUPER VERY FREAKING untempting membership i have ever seen in my life!

for the premium members right, who the hell will borrow 16 books at one go?? even there are people will, will they be able to finish it before due date?? no logic one sia..

haha! you all can go apply if you are 'TEMPTED' about the privileges~=.= LOL!
joke of the day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

YESSS! happy girl today! woohoo, went to YAMAKAWA and bought snacks! (Y)(Y)(Y)
seriously, i looooooooooove the snacks there.. cos all like super nice! esp the caramel corn! best ah!

oh ya, saw my YANG on my way home! hahaah~ feel pity for her, cos of the THICK stack of POA notes :( JY ah~ :DDDD

Thursday, April 22, 2010

my lesson today was wayyyyy tooooo boring~ MS Tristano didnt come, so Mr Ross came relief her..
he is, erm~ not my type of faci laaa! too much stuffs to say :( i hate NAGGERS and DRAGGERS!

my class now im in is E56N! fun people, and our class conversation was exposed! OOPS! hahahaha~ funny moment! (Y)

ending with us being SUPER BORED in 3rd meeting!~ :P

Sunday, April 18, 2010

freaking bored now :( what should i blog? hmm...
ohoh, im getting my voice back (Y) finally, and tml is culinary practicum for school~ quite excited for it! WAHA!

just saw my wardrobe. realised i got tons of stuffs i need to buy for both school and myself :( hard for cash! need to work now, no more slacking :(
maybe need to find a new job, or else i will be tired to death working in the hotel :P

suddenly feel like talking about my family (random.com)
PAPA ... like getting lazier now, keep on sleeping :( belly getting bigger too, lols!

MUMMY ... getting more and more naggy! haix! but still like the food she cooks for us, yummy! must really convince her to open a eatery or sth. (Y)

DA JIE ... getting more and more bimbotic! oops! but is true~ haha!

ER JIE ... getting naggy too, and i dont know why.. but! please dont let the victim be me, cos i cannot stand two 'naggers'! :(((((

sian-ness for school! (N)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

FOP was seriously fun~ made new friends, and lost my voice! GREAT EXPERIENCE(Y)
even though it was very tiring, but enjoyed it afterall! wahahah!
and im getting my voice back, finally~ but its a pity that it has ended so fast, wish it to be longer :)
well, great job everyone!

hmmm, school has started.. and then back to same again~ rj, quiz and etc :(
but one more thing, corporate wear! i need to wear at least twice a week! :( hatred! and they even did checking on the first week, kena the first day~ second day, passed! yeah~ (Y)

met two new facis, miss tristano and CHEF EDIE! seriously like chef edie, cos he is freaking funny and friendly! rated 4.7/5 among students he taught sia, great teacher! makes me excited for his class every friday! LOL!

and im thinking that year 2 is getting tougher, which makes me a little scared that i cannot cope.. but will try my best!
oh ya! IM NOT LATE FOR THE FIRST WEEK AT ALL!wahahahah, happy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

craving, shit

just woke up from bed, sleep about 13 hours straight! shiok ttm!
but still feeling sleepy, and having headache now (N) AHHH! and i think this is the first in 2010 i slept so early, lol! nvm, enjoy-ed it! (Y)

school reopening soon, making me sian-er each day..
last week to enjoy
last week to sleep till afternoon
last week to have fun
last week to slack

nvm :) will find fun in school (Y) if not, going school will be a drag for me! well, and i dont think i will be late right...? cos is 9.15AM! waha, quite happy with this timing :DDD

okay, my brain is seriously malfunctioning now.. BRAIN-partially DEAD!

Friday, April 9, 2010

yup yup! this is my confession after i got my pay, oops! seriously spending more and more, and my bank is going back to the old amount VERY SOON!
but shiok! since when i can really spend money like free ahhh...?

hehe, so need to pamper myself once in a while (Y)

erm, busy with orientation and today is the first day~ not bad, i should say! LOL! quite looking forward with the three days of orientation, haha!
made great new friends, and also have learnt new stuffs of being a responsible leader (Y)(Y)(Y)
seriously tiring, but worth it (i think?)

the thing that turn me off is: I GOT WORK TML! argh! 7AM somemore sia!! AHHHH~
everyone, please wish that my legs wont be broken before school starts... :D

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

went to Nihon Mura 日本村 with JESELYN and LI YI.. haha~ sort of they tempted me to go sia, then DAMN FULL NOW!
but the sushi there really nice, esp salmon and the egg roll! my fav (Y)(Y)(Y) and i like the sweet sauce, shiok ah!

tml will be going out with MQ to have the hotpot culture, excited to see her after so long sia! LOL!
meiqi, HERE I COME~ haha!

anyway, im now freaking pissed off with one bastard! fuck off laaaa!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my favourite JAP SNACK! really shiok to have it once in a while!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

currently reading: OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB/ 桜蘭高校ホスト部

actually it is a old manga laaa, just that i like to watch anime only.. then one day, i want to read the mange see whether got any difference or not~ then i saw that the manga one is still ongoing updating! (Y)(Y)(Y)

super happy ah! (can go try if you want! sure no regret one :D)

then yesterday was going home, then i heard the song: 如燕
addicted to it! and i know its an old song :P but the lyrics sound very meaningful, but dont know what it means.. sad!
then my sis said maybe is quoted from some poems or sth.. quite true ah! hmmm.. is it?

why am i so into old stuffs now? hmm, weird!