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Monday, March 29, 2010

love this MV!! haha~ enjoy!
but the story like very familiar, just dont know from where sia! hmmm...

today went to the orientation training, super TIRED STICKY UNCOMFORTABLE! (N)
well, had fun in the end :DDD hahah!
tml will have another round of dry run in games, OH NOOOOOOOO!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

i was trying to get one JUYING LOGO~ but forget it, cannot find it!

but but! IM NOW OFFICIALLY JUYING ALUMNI! wahahahahah! one thing is this, what should i do ahhh? =.=
nvm, dont care!

well, my aim to blog is to tell you all that im in the alumni... thats all! HAH!
ohya! i hate this, ALWAYS hate this!

when you are not working, you keep wanting the people to call you! but they DONT!
AND when you have started working, they will call you! WTF SIA! really hate this kind of things happening to me!

orientation is coming, and i think im looking forward to it! but i dont know what is sian-ing me out actually! maybe is becos i've been working and doesnt want to stop??? well, hope that this is the reason! :P

and i think i need to break my 'totally disconnect from RP in holiday' promise! thanks to the uniform collection and orientation! but in the end, i will be all my fault cos im the one joining them =.=
so yup! RP here i come... :/

oh, and i cannot upload any pics yet cos i cannot find my sis's card reader! shitt! so need to wait till it pop into my room again but i can upload any pictures! haix!

Friday, March 26, 2010

my friend teaches me...
best service, serve from your heart

shall remember it forever :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

got the sudden urge to blog, so here i am! :D

(i dont think i need to remind myself, cos it's damn obvious im sooooo NOT perfect! hah!)

hmm, should tell you all about my life right right? well, one word: CHIONG!
i also dont know why i chiong that much also, maybe really toooooo bored with my slacker life! haha!

all right, yesterday was my first official day working in CONRAD! soooo, quite fun actually! but i think i was abit screwed up laaa! :( haha! im like kept on making stupid mistakes sia! SIAN!

but nvm, practice makes perfect! learn from mistakes bahh, no one is born to be perfect right? (Y)
perfect person will die very early, and ITS TRUE! freaking true! LOL!

didnt take any pictures, but i must say.. the food looks DAMN YUMMY! especially the desserts! SHIOK LOOKING TTM (Y)

okay, then i was really tired! but they requested us to do the turnover!
(fyi ah~ turnover=setting tables and everything for the next event :D)
WTF! i was super tired, and legs are aching :( then you still want me to do the chores! WAH LAO! :/
but they are the bosses, cannot defy their orders! haix! so have to do it...

after doing all these, it was like 2 am??!! yes, is AM! not typo :'( tired~ then went home!
quickly bathed and sleep! BEST SLEEP I EVER HAVE (Y)(Y)(Y) i think i got snore sia, jkjk! haha!

my legs are still aching till now, OUCH!
now when i think of the must to wear heels IN YEAR 2, im 100% sian alr :/ corporate wear, and all the shit! AHHHHHHHH!

oh ya! i like the storyline of THE TEMPTATION OF WIFE!(Y) and the song too~ WAHA nice ah!

P.S may tear in the end, i almost did :D

wanting! JY! CHIOOOOOONG AH! (Y)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

went out with sis and mummy today! (Y) HAPPY!

went to bugis and bought an ice cream! freaking nice!! it tasted like~ erm, not typical ice cream!( moist, i should say~)
seriously nice! i think is newly opened too!
so i made a promise to myself that i will buy the ice cream( there's chocolate, mango and vanilla flavours btw) whenever i go bugis! :DDD

then went to 鼎泰丰 for dinner! FREAKING NICE TTM!!
okok, i admit.. i used to think that the food there should be similar to all the typical cheena resturants~ but i was wrong! (sorry ahhh!)
im in love with the DAN DAN NOODLES! shiok ah! the sauce is so addictive!
then follow by the XIAO LONG BAO! the feeling of the soup flow out of the bao... THUMBS UP!

shall try the ZHA JIANG MIAN next time!

BUT one thing is that, their service is not that good laa (N)! we like waited quite long before they attend to us.. haix! too bad sia!

WAHA! happy today! ohya, thanks sis for the bag! *winks*

Friday, March 12, 2010

my legs are aching!! :(((

now working in CONRAD, a hotel as server... not bad laaaa, quite fun actually! (Y)
BUT need to wear heels!! OMGGG, damn tired :( my legs are breaking!!

today went to a practical of setting table, FUN! i like~ wahahahaah! quite looking forward in working on the actual day! oh, i will be busy next week too! :(

sis's birthday, work, school stuffs blah blah blah~ aiya! well, busy is always better than having lots of free time :)

i feel that im useful once again! (Y)

Monday, March 8, 2010

now im so into mahjong, shit! addiction :P

well, yesterday(or this morning) had a tong xiao mahjong session with JAS, DY and JH! haha! lost money as usual.. :( must really buck up on my skill!

headache ah~ cannot stand it! (N)

oh ya, finally i have something to do in this holiday :) but also must thanks to jeslyn too, she call me to sign up some hotel thingy, then tml got 'orientation'. LOL!
my face was (=.=), when they call and tell me this..

training also need orientation one ah? now then i know, but lei chey LA! :( but nvm, at least im being paid, its okay! wahahaha!

oh, and watch this! AWESOOOOOME!

hmm, what should i do today?? i know! DRAMA! hehe~ :P

Saturday, March 6, 2010

have you come across this kind of feeling?
that you should be thinking of something, but you dont know what is it... hmm~

seriously, i got nth to do at all! :/ expect from using the laptop and face it the whole day! sibei sian (N)

wanted to do sth meaningful, for example: WORK!
but no one wants me :( sad! all those interviews are really wasting my time, even my mom like has alr gave up too! hah!

nvm, maybe should really stay at home? then ROT!

okay, i admit~ i was A LITTLE moody these few days.. maybe LA? haha, hope not! (i mean, not so soon la)

about what? doesnt matter anymore (Y)

haix! well, really need to say A BIG BIG SORRY to those who kena my GL-ness :( SORRY!


but had a great day tonight(or, yesterday night) :D haha! met up with besties, then really joked and laughed till we cannot tahan!
really missed those days in sec sch sia! when we can meet everyday, unlike now :( need to make appointment one lor! :(

shall have a small gathering once in a while, right right? LOL!

well, went to JP (of course, the nearest =.=) then safra~and had a great chat! since when we had our last chat ah? hmm...

after that, JAS's parents bought us to have dim sum, shiok ah! really feels great to have supper once in a while :) (fattening? heckcare la! OOPS!)
and i have learnt sth from JAS's mom, (Y) wahahaha!

anyways, i have enjoyed ttm! (Y)(Y)(Y)

and, laughing is always the best medicine to cure anything:D (...well, for me it does)

Monday, March 1, 2010

:D meaningful (Y)

but currently only in korea sia, envy ttm! really nice, pretty! the layout is better than the first version!
hope it will come to Singapore! pleeeeeeeease!
also, hope that i got the money to buy it when it comes to Singapore!

come to mummy, phone-y! (Y)

CLICK IT! then you will know why i like it so much :D (i hope..)