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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

我真得无聊啊!!!不知为何,好不容易有一天可以休息可是又想出门... 笨蛋~
okay, i think i will say what have happened these few days..
but nothing lately, actually just nothing... i feel very bored, and have the idea of quitting. however, i don't to let others to look down on me. so, quitting is already out of my mind. haha, idiotic situation~ change topic...

ohya,i saw the xu bin... the celeste chen boyfriend. he is really good looking, i should say... but a bit show off~ hehe! aiya, don't blog already.. no mood~~


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

so freaking hell!!! i got ANOTHER scolding by the head again... hell to metro!!! i hate it when they always think that they are very smart when the are not in reality~ didn't anyone tell them?! okay, i think i have the need to write what had happened today...

today there was almost no customers, so little that we have so much time in our hand. so, as a teenager, i will definitely absolutely chit chat with others there. but i got to say that i will attend to customer when there is any. i even wish that i can attend anyone, i would feel like that i have win lottery. then the head (so called the number 1) came to see if everything is fine and sort of like caught us talking. then he called the supervisor and she started to come down and scold us.
wah lao, there aren't any people and you are now forbidding us to talk???!
erm, for your infor, i can complaint to the government, you know?! i really started started to hate working in metro... although SOME of the people there are very nice, but the rules and heads sucks! they are the worst of the worst people you can ever meet in your life. they also will be the last people you want to know in your life. but, unfortunately for me, i met these people and one word came into my mind - SUCKS! *oh god, why am i so unlucky???!*

now is about 12 something and i need to wait for my hair to dry before i can head to bed... however, i feel very energetic now, maybe is from the bread and supper i had just now making me high...
ohya, new song to intro: say it right by nelly furtado.
i know this song by wild child... it only played for about 10 seconds something, but i only love the chorus. actually, i was intending to make this post the longest of my blog history...well, can i??? trying won't harm much right?? lol~

what should i start with?? well, maybe what's going on lately?? okay, let's started with miss wong birthday??? nono, don't have mood to type cos it is super super long. erm, twilight?? but i have blogged it already, which will be very boring if i do it again, right? maple,no~ cannot level up and now cannot logged in... damn it!!! well, nothing good has happened lately as life is very extremely normal. haix, i think i will end here... 懒人的做法,哈哈!

it's made up of bears!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i really really really very tired...
not sure why...
but trying very hard to get use to my life now...
my recent quote:[ 人生无趣,趣无人生]
haha, this is invented when i was slacking during job. well, i don't know i like this job or not, but i know that i was enjoying the time when i was joking with my friends there... i have not been talking much these few days, cos i was having a really f***ing toothache now... LIFE IN HELL!!! i wanted to go to the dentist but suddenly don't feel like going...*fainted~*
in my working place, i now know what is society...
today i was serving an ang moh...

i said: hello, sir! can i helping you?
he said: you got long john brand?
i said: sorry we don't have the brand
then he started to mumble something, and talk to me without looking at me...so, i just rolled my eyes and walked away...don't want to care about him, so proud! at that time, i was really thinking of telling him
: hello, can you look at me when you are talking to me??!!!
of course, i cannot cos...
  1. i am a salesperson
  2. he is a customer (customer is always right...*rolled my eyes*)
  3. don't want to waste my breathe on him

on friday, my working place have so called the good service giving... worker can get something when they are been praise by customers... then, i was thinking i have no chance of getting that cos i have been given two complaints from my customers. very wow right??! i was shocked myself...

the first complaint

a couple went to the shoes department and ask for a size 42 shoes... then when i came out from the store and said don't have, they started to say they wanted size 44. i wanted to fight for my rights but aiya don't want to say... then they started to give black faces, and i also give lorr... one auntie came and helped my. one sentence that guy said made me very angry...

he said: are you still studying?

i said:ya, waiting for o level result...

he said: you look older then your age...

what the hell!!! hello, although you look mature, but you are so not in your inner side... then, they all said the couple complaint to the head. the reason is that why not seniors serve them, and let the junior do the job...? so childish!!!

wah, cannot really tired... next time then say the second complaint, bye~

Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh my god!!! twilight is like the best movie i have even watched!!! i am so loving it... if you want me to choose between harry potter and twilight, i am so gonna to choose TWILIGHT. i really can't wait for the new moon series to release. please, actors of twilight, act faster can??? lol...
after this movie, i really hope i got the money to buy the books. i think is about 3 to 4 books...no sure. but one thing i'm so sure, i am so into this series...AHHHHHHHHHHH...!
i remembered when i still in secondary years, my friends have already read the books. the thickness is like wow, really wow me out. i wanted to try out the book, but no chance. i think i am kind of still the vision type when it comes to books...haha!
ohya, i fell in love with a song... supermassive black hole by muse! this song was played when edward cullen's family played baseball game. the combination was like flawless....! but one thing i don't understand is that why they need to play only when there is thunder storm???
when bella said that:"i see why they need to play in storms..."

i was like: huh, why???!!! that is the only part that i don't understand,haix...

the whole movie is very cool... and i like what edward's father said: she is now part of our family...
i find that edward's eyes very electrical, shot by it a lot f time... haha =P
because of this movie,i went to the library and borrowed a vampire book...haha [obsession here]
need to go read my vampire book, and tell the content next time... da da

Thursday, December 4, 2008

seriously, why is everything not going on my way???!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

as a start, i got a gossip to share!!! =D

MALE = ah boy
FEMALE = ah girl

it started like this...
i was on my way to work in MRT, when i saw both ah girl and ah boy. [a clue: the boy was from a chinese singing competition] okay, so i identified him right away as i am a 电视迷. however, to my absolute horror, a very disgusting scene happened in front of about 30 people in my area in the train. they was hugging in when they came into the train, which i already felt very ... btw, at that time, i have already rolled my eyes. then, ah boy started to hit ah girl butt with his hands!!! OMG!!! i felt very funny, and started to giggle. but of course, i bent my head down when i giggled. i don't want to have any extra colour on my face, you know. worse, ah girl like was enjoying it and have no intention to stop him. " double roll my eyes..."


okay, enough of that already, i was going to puke out all my lunch cum dinner when i say much further...
erm, now i was working in orchard... die, suddenly nothing to say!!! where is my talkative gene?!
ohya, i was very angry just now. cos when i was playing maple, and i dropped out somethings that i wanted. a don't know from where idiot cum ass cum stupid cum rude cum hell person cum thief just took IN FRONT OF ME! absurd right?! if i know who that person is, he is so going to die in front of me.

to: the bastard who took my stuff
*rolled my eyes cum take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath* PLEASE STOP BEING SUCH A PERSON!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU NEED SOMETHING, erm an advice: GET IT ON YOUR OWN....!!!
the person whom things got stolen by you

i went to shopping with my jiayan, jasmine and li young they all in orchard. [ i think i am so gonna have phobia of going to orchard by the time i start my schooling again as i am going like almost everyday....] we went to kbox and sing till our fullest. i think i will change my habit. instead of playing everyday, i think i may choose to go out once a while to have fun. cos, i don't know...as i think in this way i will truely understand the meaning of fun... chim right, i know! haha~

i almost forget. arigato, mr desmond koh... you are the greatestand the best photographer in the world...
please allow me to upload one of your 佳作 ...

really thank you so much!!!

erm. i think i should show you the outfit of my working place...

okay,i am feeling very tired now... going to sleep!!!