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Sunday, June 28, 2009

i dont know why feel so shagged today...well, maybe i need to thanks KERINA for that??? hahahaha, jkjk ah!

maybe i tell you all what i did today, then i think you all will understand why i am so shagged~

i was having a really good dream, when suddenly my hp rang...

the msg says:
06/28 09:28
wake up le?

when i was about to reply, another one came-

06/28 09:40
Call me when you see this!!!!

so, i called~
kerina: hello
missTSK : wei~(with a very absolutely sleep voice)
kerina: wanting, it's like going to rain sia
missTSK: is it, then dont go sun tan alr lor~
kerina: huh~ but i feel like going lehh...
missTSK: then go lor~
kerina: but i scared it rains...
missTSK: okay, we go first and see how~ if got rain, we shop in vivo... but if didnt, then we go tanning! okay?
kerina: erm, okay okay!

in the end, it didnt rain there... and the sun is, wah seh~ HOT!
and sense how happy she is...=D
So, we went to sun tan till about 2 sth, and go pom pom!

kerina need to do her assignment, with just some photo of flowers and sceneries. So, we went to the death path garden!
we took pics and walk... till our legs are almost broken into half!
thanks a lot, kerina chan jia ying! =/ lol~
the pics? later in future...not now! hah, lazy-ness strike! =P

after that toturing garden walking, i finally can go home! but kerina need to go to the workplace so dada~ to her on the way out!
i intended to take 174, but i was really super duper apple loooooooooooong~
so i took 75(i think, if i didnt rmb wrongly) to bukit batok interchange and headed home using bus 242~
on the bus, i saw xinyi!!!! my old primary school friend.
i sort of called her on my way out on the bus, then she looked at me as if i am a molester~
so i told her my name: wan ting
haha cute sia her~!

so, do you all think i should be shagged or not?!?!?!?!
sigh~ 老了老了!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

i got this really stupid letter from that stupid school... tsk!
making a fuss out of nothing~! haiye...
@#$%@$!%@$#%@ ( can imagine what i am scolding right...?)
but, when i first saw it... i thought that it is funny! hahahhahahahhaha
okok, let's not bit around the bush~ I GOT A WARNING LETTER!!!!

tsk tsk tsk~~~!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WAH LAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today, something really funny and angry thingy just happened to me~ tsk!
okok, so here goes:
today i got touch rugby training, so i sort of ,erm... ask for early dismissal as~
  1. i need to rush home to get ready.
  2. my mummy is waiting for me at home, cursing me alr~(ears very itchy at that moment, haha jkjk!)
  3. i want to dump my lappy at home(super heavy, tsk!)
  4. errrr...i want to go, the lesson so damn boring!
well, thanks alot GOD! you called mr LEI GONG to rain, and i got a difficult time to get home!
also also, all RP students will know there's a criss cross road just outside the poly. So, i was cross-ing it with the heavy rain...
SUDDENLY, dont know where come a big idiot lorry and vrooooooooooooom~ past me.
guess what, the BIG BIG BIG puddle of rainwater at the roadside splashed on me! tsk~
MY WHOLE BODY GOT WET (dripping somemore!)
the lorry just drove off ma jiam is my own fault for drenching myself... super pissed off and funny at the same time-!

NOTE: i surprising-ly didnt curse the lorry uncle on my way back~ wow!!!

missTSK: mi~ got one lorry splashed water on me, making me all wet! tsk~
(fyi, 'mi~'=short term of mummy)
mummy: huh?! is it???? wahahhaahahha~ dumb!
missTSK: wah lao, i kana you very happy horrr~
mummy: aiya,okok! pity you~ we curse him...
missTSK: OKAY!!!
mummy: wait, dont want! we must 以德服人~ cannot anyhow curse people...
missTSK: tsk, talk cock!

So, after being pinched by my mummy... i keep thinking how unlucky i can be! sigh~ =/

Sunday, June 21, 2009

erm, i promised that i will post the photos of my COTTON ON shorts right?!
okay, here it goes~:

the BLACK one

the BLUE one

the DARK GREEN one


Actually, all three patterns are the same! i just bought all three, cos i like all the colours... hehe~!
But i must say, COTTON ON rocks!!! damn cheao, damn nice and damn...erm, shoik? lol...
hmm, maybe i should make COTTON ON to be one of my must-shop place?! =D

ohya ohya, i also buy a pair of sunglasses while q-ing for to pay for my stuffs... although it is a last minute decision, but i dont regret grabbing one! WOOHOO~

okok, cam-whore time...

i hurted myself while cleaning my workplace, and it bleed... dk why, but i feel so shiok~ perveted me!!!
maybe is that i have to hurt myself for a long time, so i am quite happy that i am hurted...? lol!
weird freak~

At first, i thought it is nothing! cos no pain, no blood,nth... then suddenly, when i turn back to look at it again~ wah lao, the blood is like coming out ma jiam donating blood... but still~ no pain!
coldhearted freak, me?
100% matched

Friday, June 19, 2009

what a dumb-ass i am~!

this is what happened:

i was playing audition when i suddenly remember i got tons of work to do...(wah, first time ever since i step into rp) then, i accidentally kick the switch of my broadband cable. The thingy went off!
i was thinking:F***KING SHIT, die liao die liao!
true enough, i really did almost die~ i cannot connect to my internet...
SO, stress came ka jiao-ing me.

stress: haha, you die you die! cannot do rj, everything... wahahahaha
missTSK: DONT KA JIAO, i need a peace of mind of what to do! >=(
stress: dont care dont care~ you are going to die, getting a big fat F in your grade!!!
missTSK: shit you times millions!
stress: =P
missTSK: tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk

so i went on off-ing and on-ing
off-ing and on-ing
off-ing and on-ing
for the last time, i prayed hard and off-ed it and on-ed it AGAIN! but, CMI
haix, at that time i believed i was doomed. So, while heading to kitchen to get some refreshments... i saw that the plug was not properly in, it damn shit ass down know when dropped out and THAT's WHY THE INTERNET CANNOT CONNECT.
[fyi, the plug is just BESIDE THE SWTCH]

i rolled my eyes till my head was dizzy... and my mummy came to ask: so how? can?
missTSK: wah lao, the plug came out la! shit
mummy: see la see la, dont want check proplerly...
missTSK: i really should go eat shit, stupid ass leh me
missTSK: why can i be so stupid?! hopeless man!
and i started cursing and scolding and cursing and scolding and cursing myself...

damn stupid right?! i cannot believe it also! TSK~

at that time, i was asking my sister... and even consider to go anyone's house to use their internet. *shake head shake head*

SHIT, my sis is coming back~! and her room is in a total CMI mess...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Special edition: A random post that need not to be cared~!

i am super duper damn shit free and nothing to do now~! help~
but anyways, i really feel like going home now!!! i am still having holiday mood, no mood to study at all... argh!
=//////////////////[ my mouth is crooked by now]
erm, i feel like counting how many times i tsk in one day~ countless i think!

let's talk about dreams~:
(shit, super random...)
personally i got dreams too, or goals... or wishes, eh maybe goals-(aiya, whatever the term is)
  1. i want to be QUEEN OF MAHJONG~! muahahahahaha
  2. i want to taste all the desserts in Singapore within one day, striving to it~
  3. i want to break the record of 24 hours straight, working on it working on it-!
  4. i want to get better in playing touch rugby-!!
  5. hold my breathe for at least 3 mins(time will increase overtime~)
  6. i want to get at least an A in my grade?
  7. i think of striving E and F in my grades [so i can get A,B,C,D,E and F~ teehee~]
  8. i want to try to be independent, financially...
thinking hard in process...
9. i want to.......................... [this need to be kept as a secret! shhh~]

Sunday, June 14, 2009

finally, i can blog again~!
Yesterday i was back from work, when my internet was broke down-! shagged~ tsk!
Next, i cannot make it to the hockey event on the 20th~ shit! i sort of forgot to inform my boss about the time clash, so HAVE to go work~ haix... all the cuties =( haha, jkjk!
*piak* slapped myself for talking crap~ (ouch, that's really hurts!) my fault anyways, so cannot blame others! But, super BIG thank you to yu ting for covering my duty on that day... hope oyu like it, althought it maybe very boring~

okay okay, i'm just back from some sun tanning... WAH LAO, the weather is really suitable for sun tanning. IT IS DAMN HOT, SWEATING ALL OVER FOR JUST SITTING THERE-! thanks alot for helping me slim down... lol!!!
ALSO, i went to cotton on shopping spree! it is having 70% discount off~ what the f****** hell?! So, as a full time shopper it is a shopping showdown. i bought 3 pairs of shorts and a pair of sunglasses with only $20. super duper damn shit cheap right?! i was so contented and not feeling any tired-ness anymore.[note: i was falling asleep before accompanying kerina to COTTON ON.]

erm erm, the shorts pictures are showing in the next post. i promise!

yes yes yes, GSS is coming! SHOPPERS get ready, we are going downtown~ tehe...!
but school starting soon, how how?! no time to go~ =/


take care and have fun during the trip to hai nan dao~ i think it WILL be fun as you get to play and enjoy... dont think too much, things will be alright. Just dont forget my present when you get back SINGAPORE, haha jkjk! Erm, i believed that gods will bless people and create fate. SO, just go with the flow and dont think too much! Also, can you be at least like fake a smile when you board the stupid plane?! think as just to give me the idea that you will be alright, okie dokie?!
AND AND, keep your phonie on where-ever you are. low batt? CHARGE IT! tsk~ i will keep you inform when i have any news, i swear! last but not least, have fun and i wish you well~
(erm, the i wish you well were quote from my obs group leader~ my english not that tok gong la... =P)
miss tsk =)

Friday, June 12, 2009

actually, i got nothing to blog about~ Just want to crap in my blog, or that it will not turn rusty.. tehe~!
ohya, why not i say about the junior hockey cup thingy~

first game: CHILE vs SOUTH AFRICA
winning team: SOUTH AFRICA
score: CHILE 1
the game is okay, but quite exciting... when during the first half, CHILE got nil. So, they were kana scolded by their coach. SUPER KE LIAN~ pity them so much, cos it's not their fault to get nil what. Maybe is the opponent too strong?!

second game: SINGAPORE vs POLAND
winning team: POLAND
score: SINGAPORE 1
wah loa, this i must TSK! i TSK is not because singapore didnt win, is because they are so close of getting even. the game is super exciting, cos they all got their score by penalties. So the second score of POLAND is of cos, got by the last penalty. however, i can say: SINGAPORE, YOU ALL DID A GREAT GREAT GREAT JOB!! three cheers for you guys~ woohoo~~~!!

okay, end of the game report!
let's all stone in front of the lappy, shall we?!

But they day only got two games, so i am super slack~ super duper slack... nth to do, just sit there and watch the games like an audience. Anyways, the admission is free~ those who have read my post, you are invited to come to watch...

GIRLS: see hunks, cuties and handsomes
GUYS: accompany the girls to see~ of cos, can watch the games also la~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i am feeling very weird now- tuesday,9th of june 7.52pm
i dont know what the hell is wrong with me, better that it is not the symptom to sickness. I need to go for my hockey thingy tml... somemore, touch rugby training on thurday!!!
i really totally cannot afford to be sick at this moment.
Btw, i just back from a random sleepover at jasmine's house... super random!!! Also, i went to dye my hair and tada~ nth has changed! tsk~ total wasted of money, but actually quite cheap! tehe~


Saturday, June 6, 2009

i am super in pain now, cos i just did a sudden SPLIT~ ( yes, there's no typo... a real split)

i didn't know that my mummy is mopping the kitchen, so i just skipped in. TADA~i slipped and split... super painful~ TSK!
i think you all can imagine how painful i am now, right?

my right thigh is like being stretched, cannot even walk properly... So, currently i will be walking like dancer( kai ba) [erm, no offence to all dancers ah...]
the pain is really, tsk~ like the feeling of leg cramp...
sigh, i think my body has really become older... cmi, really cmi

suddenly, i notice that my 'cartoon' in my blog got no sense.. or it is that i cannot catch the ball~?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

aiyo, the weather is super =/ ~~!
I feel like going to snow city, and build up a tent and live there... sigh
basically, i am rotting in front of my lappy, playing facebook games. ( trying to level up)
tsk tsk tsk~
well, later going to the sauna room of li young's- so trying to adapt to the hot weather now.
ARGH, NTH TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tsk, i cannot level up~! shit....
tsk, i cannot tahan the hot weather... lei gong, where are you?! ( should it be find him in the first place?)
tsk, i love holiday but hate that is so short... (super crap sentence)
tsk, i starting to tsk people a lot nowadays~ tsk tsk tsk!
tsk, i want to do something that is able to kill alot of time-
tsk, i want to go 7-11, but so far...
tsk, my butt is stuck on my chair~
tsk, my muscle-ache is still killing me (but much better now)
tsk, i envy my sister is now in europe- enjoying~
tsk, why i keep tsk-ing?!