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Saturday, July 12, 2008

AHHHHHHHHHH~~!!! i got a swollen eye... wah lao, why today??! i got a tuition later, and everyone will sure sure ask:" what happen to your eye? pain?"
i wish that later i don't need to go to the chemistry, someone call me now can?? pls pls pls
then later got go to a carnival, tickets already bought. but with this eye, i doubt i can go liao...so peisah la~~

Friday, July 11, 2008

i started to think that i don't have a goal in my life... nothing really nothing at all!!!
today, mr lim nagging really strike me.
He said that now is already in july, and our results is like 'that'. If you think you really cannot cope, just give up the subject. Don't hang on it and waste your time on, and i was really thinking whether i should drop one of my subjects.
Cos, frankly speaking, i was really not doing well in my sciences and a math.
But my mother scolded me i raised the idea to her in a seriously, cos she think i was just joking about!!! DOTZ...
really thinking hard and good a great feeling that i will not do well in my Os...
aiya, really not very happy these few days cos my 大姨妈 came...
So my mood is not very good these few days, then when want to go to school still got problem. wah lao, really fucking piss off!!!
heaven always playing a trick on me... when my 大姨妈 came, nothing is going well. Everything really go damn unsmoothly, in school... at home... and even my body is killing me. i not sure why, i just cannot 'go smoothly' these few days in toilet. i tried almost everything to solve it, but it still 赖着不走
then in school, i don't what happen to my memory card. is it full or what???! i just keep forgeting to bring these and bring that. homework, money and etc!!! shit!
i was really very unlucky, keep gana scolding by my family. ohya, the 法式面包!they were the ones who kept eeeeeeeeewww... then when i finished it they started to scold what never spare a thought for others and whatever shit la!!!
but one thing is, i found out that someone i know is 双面人. she kept saying that:" oh, i don't know how to do!!! i think i will fail the paper..." but guess what, you scored so well, and the wrong ones are just careless mistakes. haha, difficult horr~~~ **roll my eyes**
then she also say that she didn't touch whatever whatever subjects, but guess what??? you pass the subject that you CLAIMED you didn't study at all~ i think you make a mistake, i think you are trying to say you cannot get full marks...so sorry, i mistaken your english!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

okay, i think i have not blogged for a long time!!! so, now, going to pour out what happen ed this few days... first, i cried. not because of exam, not because of whatever but because of 命中注定我爱你!! damn, i was really wailing loud, not just sobbing. my sis even rushed ni to see why i was crying that loud.
second, i got lousy results. when i say lousy, it means worse then that! * roll my eyes*
third, i forgot liao. i suddenly don't have the feel to type anymore, so da da~

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

oh my god!!! today is so hot, makes me melt like hell. at school, i got no mood to study at all due to the extreme heat. in the bus, i don't whether it is the bus spoilt or wanting to cut down costs, it is like a sona room. trust me, you will feel like melting in the bus.
wish that tomorrow will not be so hot, and at least some breeze please, god~~~