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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Although i tend to quarrel with you a lot, but i wish that everything will go smoothly for you...
Although i tend to fight with you a lot, but i wish you well...
Although i said that i hate you, but i will miss you...
Although i tend to talk back to you, but i wish that i can get some news from you...
Last but not least~
Although i didnt say anything when you leave, but you BETTER GET ME A PRESENT WHEN YOU ARE BACK TO SINGAPORE SISTER-! =D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As you grow older, you will become more matured.
When mummy accidentally splash hot water on the table
mummy: aiya~
ME: wah lao, you know how to take the kettle or not?! tsk~
When mummy accidentally splash hot water on the table
mummy: aiya~
ME: ouch! mummy, are you okay? got kana you?!

I was so shocked that i have asked that question, as this is so not me! Plus, i also can sense that my mum was shocked too, as she went speechless... haha, super cannot forget her funny stare!
but nvm, cos i admit that i can so not a good daughter to her.

ok, sth cropped up~ making no mood to blog... thanks to her! ( roll my eyes)

Friday, May 22, 2009

there are ton of things that i want to say out in my mind.
however, forget it-! no one listen to it anyway... shit them-!
i feel like emo-ing, but pull long face also cannot...
yesterday, i just got home~ and kana scolded right away.
i have learnt not to cry, but i already wailing loudly in my mind.
i want to give no expression, dontlet others know what i am thinking.
telling them only misunderstand me of complainting... so what's the fucking use?!
crying only telling them that i want attention...so what's there to cry for?!
scolding people only causing them to think that i am crude, why ont just shut up...

i hate people who dont understand my feeling.
i hate people who only thin kof themselves.
i hate people who dont allow others to speak their mind.

i have learnt one thing:
there's not such thing as 好心有好报. ( it's a total bullshit!)

i have no one ot talk, no one to laugh, and no one to turn to...

Friday, May 1, 2009

i was so damn stupid just now, i deleted my post-! shit-
wtf, and now i'm too lazy to write again...
(p.s: MAH CAI YU, i was listening to sinhuey's 你沒想像中愛我 when blogging!!)
ohya, i got another goal in my life- i want ot get a nice and i-love-it cap-!

erm, sth like this-