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Thursday, August 27, 2009

SLICE of life~

i am so in love with this dessert, so damn shiok~!
turst me, you will never get sick of it! i even have seen people going to eat it everyday without fail... =O

some introduction~:

FIRST DATE contain: grape slice nata de coco grape puree

MAJOR CRUSH(my fav!!) contain: milk slice oreo crush chocolate sauce rainbow rice

i call it: LAUGHING SENSATION :)))

contain: grape slice caramel puree nata de coco

i dont know why, but i love this combination~
i think is because everything inside are all my favourite dressing!
NOTE: damn sweet, must bring water ah~!

i went home from school one day, and had this yogurt~
REACTION: wah lao, YUCKS!!
WHY: idk why, but it is prune flavour... the taste is so, prune lor~ when i had the first mouth, my whole face twisted. erm, no offence ah! just stating my view... hehe!
but those who like prune damn much, can go try lor! i think you all will love it~ as i think that it is really 100% prune thingy~ =DD

well, of cos i gave it to the well-known glutton: MY MUMMY!
she goes: ok what, not disgusting lor~ taste quite nice actually!
well, what can i say? different people different preference...


OKOK, idk wth is the world going to~ but i am seeing these branded more and more often... BY PASSERS-BY!
also, i thought now is the world financial crisis??!!
the OMG thing is, by YOUNGSTERS TOO???!??! wtf???(no discrimination here~)

in the past, these are...(teenagers)
PERSON A:wah, only rich people lor~ haix, we wont get the chance la!
PERSON B:ya lor ya lor, i alr very content with Levi all these... =/
PERSON A:kao, you still can get Levi ah??!?!?! fuck you la...

now, these are...(same old people)
PERSON A: hey hey, you saw the Gucci bag on display?? damn pretty hor, i am so getting it lor~ now save money now!!!
PERSON B: tor long leh, you now then save money?? i alr bought it lor! slow sia you... wahahahaha
PERSON A: CB! got buy didnt tell me~ bring leh, want to see see!

got see the difference??? wah lao, mah jiam everyone win toto or 4D.. can buy all these sia!
anyone want a god daughter??? kind-hearted, guai dao~ and well mannered! =D (dont roll your eyes!!!)
answer: who?? this blog owner herself!
NOTE:hey hey, entertainment only ah! dont really believe the god daughter thingy!
BTW, for those who rolled their eyes while reading this part~ shit you! =/////

today, while working... i met these customer of mine with her son!
her son is damn cuuuuute, and he was swinging his DOMO bag!
then wooooooosh, he swing and let go! kana my shop's fitting room...
her mother goes: OIE, dont play la! go pick up~
i started laughing...
ME: he damn cute sia!
THE MOTHER: no lor, naughty dao yao shi! (standard sentence from every mother)
ME:okay what!
THE MOTHER: ya la, he is okay! but i cannot bring my daughter out, sure cannot shop one... but if i bring him, at least i can do a little shopping~ (got abit touch right, the mother praised behind the son)
ME:haha, wah! so small mature ah? (guilty me)
then i took out a sweet and gave the son, the son looked at damn innocently...
THE MOTHER: aiya, dont need la! you eat lor
ME: nvm la, i still have~
THE SON: thank you.. (damn soft, like for ant to hear lor~)
THE MOTHER: louder la! cannot hear~! (then use her hand to nudge the son)

nb, damn cute! then i regretted for not taking pic with him before he left!
look so cute, and the action also cute! =///

then today, got another small girl and her mother came into the shop~
THE GIRL: blah blah blah #%$#$@~ (she said sth to me, but i didnt to catch it as i was daydreaming)
THE GIRL: i can cut the string you know~ (using her hand to hold the curtain pink strings decoration)
ME:huh~ but you dont have scissors, how you cut??
THE GIRL: i dont need scissors, i cut with my hand~
ME: wah, your hands so good ah~! but dont cut la... later no nice (entertaining her, since nth to do)
THE GIRL: no, cut nice! i want to cut~
we debate a while, then her mother drag her away alr... haha, when she is leaving the shop~ she still saying that "i want to cut...i want to cut"

i think today is MY children day, cos suddenly got so many children appear in my day~ WOW!!!

fuck sia, my laptop screen keep jumping! i think need to go repair alr, ma fan leh~ haix!

want a laugh?
click on these links~
funny SUJU(super junior in korean)
damn cute quarrel from two boys

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


haix, super loooooooooong pics!
that day, my long lost perfect day~

my 心中淑女

my cute-y pie!

my laughing partner

fuck it! where the hell is doraemon? where the hell is his time machine?
i am so sick of my poly life, fucking sick!

rmb my last time stupid yearning~
free time= yes, i have~
lesser workload= granted~
more friends= given~

thinking of it makes me regret it so much~ shouldn't have wished so much!
should have just treasure my sec school life~ damn hell!

people do change, especially people like me
mindset do change, especially people like me
ways of talking do change, especially people like me
thinking do change, especially people like me
temper do change, especially people like me
social life do change, ESPECIALLY PEOPLE LIKE ME

wet blanket, fucking hate it
dont force me when i dont want to do it~ i hate it!

let's change the mood:

i LOVE this~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Seriously, i cannot tahna of not blogging~ sort of addicted ti it! :P
okay okay, i was in mid exam now~ but seriously no mood to study...

(whatever, cos i now watching SUPER JUNIOR FULL HOUSE~ no concentrating on blogging...)
ohya, my sis just banged to a door! WTH?!?!?! PA BO!

my supper, shiok! the fries, the crispy-ness and the SATISFACTION


damn nice


damn nice nice

while working, i discovered a few must try food in FAR EAST PLAZA...




SUPER BIG VEGE, random again!

okok, need to go back to my SUJU alr~ i in love with them!

Friday, August 21, 2009

haix! see AGAIN!!!!
stupid blogger, hai me cannot post blogs!
我的损失你们赔得起吗????!!!!hahahaha, jkjk~

Monday, August 17, 2009

wow, i got two perfume gifts from my sisters and freeman...
i dont know whether they buck up with each other, or what~ but what a coincidence!! right???

okok, lets say my sisters first!

thanks so much sisters!!! i love this so damn much~ and sorry for being a spoiler at that time!!
muackies! (wah lao, so sec school times word!)

this is from FREEMAN! hahahaha, i was so shocked when i got this!
my mom also said: kao, perfume ah again ah! they think you smelly is it???
hahahaha~ funny right!
btw, my sis also got this~ but is apple flavour one! hahaha... zhen qiao again!!
anyways, thank you!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

IMPRESSED has undergone some knock knock and hammer hammer~
(drum roll please~) TADA! it has reformed to a typical shop to a WOW! WTH shop...
dont believe me? see it yourself...

it is super dusty, and also super tedious to clean it. idk why, but i am getting more and more bei chek with the area cleaning...
also, i getting quite bored with it anyways~ cos a renovation is a MUST, not a NEED!!
WU LA LA WU LA LA~ my wish came true!!!

this is the old IMPRESSED shop~ very typical right!

SUPER NEAT, SUPER PRETTY AND also it make the shop looks more brighter!!!
NOTE: i am one of the witness of the whole laminating process.
however, the flooring like have the everlasting dirt~ cos i just cant seem to sweep it clean, you know you know?! argh!
but nvm, as long as it is pretty can alr.. cos i love IMPRESSED NOW!!
the racks also being discarded away(abit wasted la hor~), then changed to the spiral one and attached to walls one... COOL,i like~


today, i am working full shift~ then a kind of cough cough la!
two of my friends came to find kerina and me as they are working around ORCHARD area too...

after that, we decided to go for a supper time~ OMG, it have been long since i had my last supper.... hmmm, about one year ago??? wow, time flies~

WENTING: working as a clicker~ quite a lame job, cos just click for customers who go into a particular shop. BUT THEN, $8 per hour?!?!?!?! WTH!
i work till i shagged, only $5.50 per hour... haix! pei mia ming!
above is she having the yu pian mee fen(fish sliced bee hoon)

JAMES: timberland part-timer~ then work till 9.30pm...
so, can come meet us~LOL! starting to feel like a routine alr...
above is he eating hei hu jiao ji with fan(black pepper chicken with rice)
P.S: when i was taking the pic, wenting uses her spoon with the intention to block him...tsk! itchy han

THIS IS MINE! chao nian gao(stir fried rice cake)
super nice~ SHIOK! mama me ya~!

this is the 'sweet pizzas' bought by james! flavours got berries and strawberry ones...
quite nice actually, and really like pizza but sweet one! my favvvvvvvv~!

the after eating process... a bit messy right?!
all thanks to...ME! i find the berries so damn sour, so i removed it from me pizza~ LOL!
weird thing is, WENTING LIKE THE BERRIES!!
wenting, seriously! you can eat, and like to eat sour stuffs...
are you...are you...PREGNENT??? hahahahahaha, jkjk!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


okok, i not really crazy about this movie... but i find it a very interesting one!
cos it is... COMEDY ROMANCE!!
as you all know, i love these kind of movies... which let me always have a good laugh after watching~
the storyline is that they got together, but is without love or something... then i think love each other in the end! aiya, standard one la!
here's the link of a better version(at least better than mine): THE PROPOSAL

if you have see the link, and love it very much~ catch it on air:

THE PROPOSAL opens in cinemas 20 August 2009(in other words, COMING SOON!)

okok, this blog is for nuffnang... so those who think that why i suddenly post this, just take that i am random ya???

rmb last time slimming is very popular(i think now is still popular bah...), then every one is taking advice on how to slim down right???
so, i am sort of being influenced... and can see from my siz right? I FAILED~ sob sob!!!!

once, i heard the news that i can slim down by a few kg immediately when i just eat apples everyday for straight 2 weeks~ of course, i try la! so, i bought almost all the apples in supermarket and started my dieting plan~

first day: really can tahan! wah, my stomach is only apple apple and more APPLES!!
second day: shit, apples again~ so sian!
third day: apples~ *vomit*

therefore, i cant stand it in the end... and stopped my apple diet plan!

what did pork contain?! FATssssssssssss
what did lard contain?! FATssssssssssss

so, my determination is that no pork and lard for my rest of my life!
surpirsingly, it was a great success! however, i found out that i didnt even slim down even a 100 gram! so, i decided to look for other alternative way...~ =((

of course, i not that rich to sign up for yoga sessions! but i went to look for magazines that can teach us yoga... well, went well at first and i really feels that i am sweating(for a bit) in my first trial.
LAZINESS striked! and i discontinued it, unknowingly~ =PP

FOURTH ATTEMPT-BE A VEGETARIAN FOR A WEEK! ( i didnt even realise that i was slimming down~ oops!)
that was my exam periods, then after are the release of results...
i was super nervous at that moment, as i really DID study for it! (WOW! rare scene)
so i just shoot out: wah, if i can just pass this... i will be a vegetarian for a week!
in the end, I PASSED! hence, i HAVE TO chi zai!(vegetarian)

and i started to eat just vegetables, and no pork... not even the onion! and once, i just weigh for nth~ and WHOOSH! i just slimmed down for 3 kg! damn happy~!!
however, maybe is that i know that i have slimmed down, and i started to munch food again!
TADA, the 3 kg came back! =///

this is my past, before i really go into dieting

this is after i went through so much~

no much diff huh~ sigh!

ok, CENOSIS has just introduced the first new and latest slimming technology: cativation
generally, it is all about breaking down the fats molecules and pass out through shitting~

wow, i like~ cos everyone shit right?! hence, i think that no painful process bah... unless you got constipation!! HAHAHAHA!! (okok, lame~ i know)

Also, i am a person who REALLY cannot tahan even a bit of pain~ so this would be best for me! =)

moreover, it has done a test for 10 womens... so i can confirm that it is very best for me, ideal too!
it is not a complicated process, so i think it is likely to have less or none side effects?? hmm....

also, with a super lazy attitude of mine~ this painless and strength-less process are just like made for me!! in this case:
  1. no sweating is needed.
  2. no strength is needed.
  3. no pain is needed to bear.
i can just slim down without much agony, and also fit into any shit that is a size S or even better XS!!! yes~!

thinking of it makes my drool... it also says that it is only be able to continue the treatment only with the assistance of an experts that come with a license~ the machines needed also have a license too! call N2 i think...

so i can rest assure and go on with the treament, as we can trust the pros right~?? LOL!

WOW, also the process is also very interesting!!! LOOK!

"Makes an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33.
CALL:7000 700 6626
visit: www.cenosis.biz/cativation.php
to make an appointment

i dont know what to get, the blazer or the boots???!!! ARGH~!

ITEM: boyfriend stripe blazer
WHERE:inizio arts

ITEM:Dr Marten Boots(2nd hand)
WHERE: peninsular

please tag! i am super troubled of what to buy...
buy the blazers but the boots also sounds good~ then want to buy the boots, but the blazers is soooooooo damn pretty!!
THEN THE PROBLEM IS: if i buy both, i will starve to death
want to slap myself fucking hard! then can realise what i want...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

this dress has been in this shop for some time, at first i think that it is very ugly...
however when i wear it, i find it quite nice actually~ =DDD
also, the cloth is also very comfy too!!(not bad on belts too..WOOHOO)
price: $29 or $39... (cant rmb, PSPS!!)
my height: 1.57m
dress sizing: F (free size)
STOCK: left 3

back view

full body length

racks on sales! (i know, wth right?!)
anyways, IMPRESSED just had a renovations... and they are throwing the racks away!
it can hang quite lots of clothes, and also it is nice looking!~ there even lower racks for you to put your stuffs~~ =D
STOCK:left 3

can put stuffs...

erm, the pink thingy is not for sales(fyi~)

PLUS, the clothes are not included...!

IM me or email: angwanting@hotmail.com

come come!
go to FAR EAST B1 and find KOREAN CUISINE... then opp is IMPRESSED!
14 scotts road
far east plaza #01-27
singapore (228213)
tel: 68365633
email us at: impressed@ymail.com

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SUPER FUNNY SIA~ i was watching television when mummy told me about this incident.
please la, i know you all 爱国... but at least know what you are doing???


want to get more space?? must why dont hang it right??


erm, i didnt know that the moon and stars our country flag is on the right...


FYI, they are neighbours!!! zhen qiao...

zi lian time! i just bought this nerdy specs, and im loving it~!
so, once again! i got nth to do while working, so hehe~~