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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

oh my god!!! i just finished one large pocket of POPCORN!!! what the hell am i thinking??? okay, nvm, i think i just need to squeeze out some of my time to exercise ABIT. I was kind of lazy, slack and a glutton lately... well, that must be not a good thing, isn't it? now, let's bless that my body will not go off-figure.. damn it!!
i was now LISTENING the dialogues of a movie called "A cinderella story''... the movie is so great!! i was like watchind it tons of time and i don't feel a bit sick of it. just think... the sweet romance and cute casts. AHHHHHHHH!!! i actually envy all the ah-mos having blonde hair and having the fluent english speaking talent. i'm not sure whether it is the effect of eating so much popcorn or what, but i am having a headache right now. i think i will be having a popcorn-phobia these few weeks! i also starting to feel de-hydrating recently, cos of all the snacks my sister bought after her trip to thailand. *YUMMY*
well, i think that a type blog is far boring that a picture one. so...pictures!!!
but the theme today is all the movies (and some dramas too) that i liked *winks*
you may want to watch it when you are bored...






sorry, i was too lazy to find the dramas...promise next time!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

我哭是因为他们的delcare love想看的时候。。。
十分十分十分之感人 。。。*流眼泪了啦!*
不过他们有了结晶哦! 恭喜恭喜。。。*smile*
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 我的大姐回来了,她买了好多好多东东哦!
她买的食物真得很好吃,尤其是她买的dried jackfruit!mama mia... *kiss kiss*
but i found a good movie, it's called "Bring it on :in it to win it" it is very lively, funny and very teenager...

well, it is very nice to watch it, very cheerful.
The whole movie is just about cheerleading...and you will find yourself dancing to the beat when you ARE watching.
Well, the summary of the movie:
The West Coast Sharks Cheerleading Squad, captained by Carson (Ashley Benson), are attending Camp Spirit-Thunder where they're confronted by their arch-rivals, the East Coast Jets Cheerleading Squad, captained by Brooke (Cassie Scerbo). (The squads' names are an in-joke reference to West Side Story.) Both squads are fierce rivals because each is the best on its respective coast; however, the Jets have beaten the Sharks at the annual Cheer Camp Championships for the previous three years in a row. On her first day at camp, Carson meets and hits it off with Penn (Michael Copon). They trade phone numbers, neither knowing the other is a member of their arch-rival squad. When Carson eventually does find out that Penn is a Jet, she gives him up although she really likes him. As part of the Camp Spirit-Thunder ritual, the West Coast Sharks are given the Spirit Stick, a "sacred" cheerleading item that they have to guard fiercely. Carson agrees to watch the Spirit Stick when her friends leave for a strip-poker game, but she forgets about it when Penn arrives to ask her out. They go to a nearby amusement park and spend time together, notably riding the Double Dragons rollercoaster. At this time, Penn confesses his darkest secret to Carson: he forced his team to raise money for him to go to the camp so that his father wouldn't find out he is a cheerleader. Carson's friends return to her room, but find both her and the Spirit Stick missing. They search for her, eventually finding her dancing with Penn. At this time Brooke and her friends also see the duo. When the Sharks reveal that the Spirit Stick is gone, Carson accuses the Jets of sending Penn to lure her away, and she angrily announces to all Penn's secret. The Sharks are worried, because losing the Spirit Stick means they are "cursed". The Sharks decide to hold a ceremony to ask the "Cheer Gods" for forgiveness. They are interrupted when the Jets arrive, and the squads have a "cheer-off". The authorities arrive, and in the melee a number of members of both teams are injured. Both teams have to leave since neither has enough members to compete. But before they can board their respective buses, Carson suggests to Brooke that they combine into a single squad to compete at the Cheer Camp Championship. Though reluctant at first, the teams come together as the "Shets", complete with new uniforms made through patching their old uniforms together. The two teams slowly bond, while Carson works on repairing her relationship with Penn. The Shets sneak into Camp Victory, the rival of Camp Spirit-Thunder, to scope Camp Victory's star team The Flamingos. After seeing their impressive performance, Carson devises a new routine, inspired by the Double Dragon ride at that amusement park. On the day of the competition, the Shets perform their routine perfectly, winning the competition outright. Carson and Penn kiss on the mat in the middle of the celebrations, and it is revealed that Camp Victory are the ones responsible for stealing the Spirit Stick.
very long is it??but in summary of summary, it is about two groups of the best cheerleading in west coast and east coast. they are completing each other and lots of the "wow wow wow" cheerleading moves that make you wanna join cheerleading in your school...(if you school have one la...)
well, maybe you want to know who are playing in the movie

Ashley Benson as Carson

Cassie Scerbo as Brooke

Jennifer Tisdale as Chelsea

ok, ...go enjoy!!!*wink*

Monday, May 26, 2008

my mind is fuming mad now!!!! well, sorry to the viewers. but damn to the girl scolding the POOR四川灾民。maybe some of you don't know what am i talking about,well..let's watch that damn girl scolding the poor 四川灾民.
i will type the website and everyone go watch it. well, leave some 'comments' if you can...
i am sure that if you go watch, you will also be fuming mad about this...
well, i would like to give feedback to what i say a total bullshit video about this...
is this world changing or i am lacking total behind, a china person calling her own country people. what the heck is it???!!! well, i am sure a civilised person will NOT do this kind of thing...i am really very curious of why you want to say all this thing for, do they own you money or what???
do they even know you, and you must say such nasty comments about them. hello, we are talking people who ARE still currently in danger of the 7.8 - 8 earthquake. well, i think maybe you still don't know what they are suffering right now. well, i would like to have the honour to tell you... they are suffering thr pain of losing their own loved ones, and to make it even more worse, their children! they are suffering of losing their homes, their warmth and their security! they are suffering of hunger , thirst and the bruises they have whe they are trap. they are not safe and sound at all, and begging us for help. and by the way, they didn't even ask for any help, we helped them with our OWN WILL. we are not hard and cold blooded people. we have FEELING. well, maybe you should try to be in their shoes, try being trap under a heavy, rough surface rubble, which make you unmovable. well, let see whether you will be saying:' go and die' or : "help me please!!!" plus, if you hate them so much, why bother to look at their news? maybe you said that what don't even want to watch but have to as everyone is playing it. but i do believe there must be some channels don't report this right? or even better, you can ask your parents for money and say you want to rent some dvds home to watch. as you don want to see their news. erm, i would like to see your parents reactions...oh ya, you ASKED that what is all the money WILLING to be adonated for right??
i will tell you, the money donated WILLING by kind-hearted people is for building back all the schools, flats and other buildings and feeding the children whom have lost their plarents during this earthquake. if not, where do you think the china government can find the money to rebuild everything that have being destroyed during the earthquake. where??? from you???
i don't even think that you wil fork out billons and millons of dollars right?
and by the way, earthquake is not started by farting, please for goodness sake, go find your geography teachers.if earthquake is started by farting, the world will be having earthquake now. sorry, you said their is blind by the earthquake, then i should say your eyes must need some specs. as you can see,well maybe ACCIDENTALLY, they need the money because they need to BUILD NOT TO SPEND. do you think they want to have an eathquake just to get rich. the consequences are to lose their loved ones, to lose their homeland and to become orphans???
if that is it, wow...i think it is not worth it at all!!! one last thing, please think before you say anything stupid...which is , in chinese, 先思而后行。

我的我的我的我的我的天啊!(-O-) 华文O水准真得很难!
好了,不要再说那个了。。。 说了我都烦阿,嘿~~~ *摇摇头
一个非常非常非常好看的一个手机,叫做 JUICY COUTURE SIDEKICK





我的朋友开了两件lens 店,需要宣传一下。大家去看看吧,可以说是不错哦!

cheap and good!!! *winks*
my sister is coming back from thailand TODAY,and i feel like that i will not be able to blog for a long long time. well, i got tired of typing in chinese and typed english now. really feel very tired of all the chinese things. *roll my eyes. TWICE!*

ISN'T IT COOL?! sorry, i need to start my delcare of love again.
it's nice, cute and pretty. i wish i can hold it in my hand,and type my message in the keyboard. i can take my photo with it too, with the tiny-winny cute-dy handphone. i love it!!!
just wish that someone will buy it for me,or i wish that i got the $$$ to buy it! damn it, someone pitch me to wake me up..!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

明天就是 华文的o 水准的测验.