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Thursday, December 31, 2009

today is the day! 2009 ending.. times really flies, my first day in rp ma jiam yesterday~ =.=
in like about 12 hours time, is 2010 alr!

things im excited about 2010:
  • CHINESE NEW YEAR! (standard one..)
  • YOG~ woohoo! damn excited
  • 4th august! then i'll be officially 18 :DDDDD
  • maybe year 2? cos at least can touch sth related to my course =.=
  • oh ya, work! so going to find work :D freaking broke now! :( [not excited, but a must!]
maybe that's all? cos one thing is: I AM SUPER NOT EXCITED FOR SCHOOL!
the thought of...

cannot wale up in afternoon
cannot slack at home for the whole day
need to do STUPID RJ everyday
need to wake up early in the morning
need to walk the looooooooooong distance to reach RP
SCARY AH! i dont want.. i want time machine! i want to go back to the first day of holiday!
or can go back to sec sch years ah?? hehe!

later sure got sth ALWAYS WILL HAPPEN one.. sms need a loooooooooong time to send, then cannot make phonecalls~ standard one! every year, no change! hah...

maybe is too fast, i feel nth leh! something like:
someone: eh, 2009 is ending leh!
ME: orh, okok :)
can give monotone answer alr lor! maybe old alr, last time still excited ah! but now hor, new year lor, nth special~ maybe i seriously waiting for 2012?? haha~ see whether world will be sth like the movie or not O.O

and i dk whether is it my illusion or what, my bed is especially comfortable today! damn comfortable that i dont want to wake up~ but the tv is too loud, make me cannot go back to my sleep :/ thanks sis! *roll eye*

oh ya! i want to see who is the first person whom...
i will scold in 2010 (prediction: JEROME CHEW ZENG RONG)
makes me laugh and smile in 2010 (prediction: laughing clique? or besties??)
makes me pissed off in 2010 (prediction: maybe sean ah?)
makes me cry in 2010 (prediction: my mom?)
makes me... (will fill it in the later days :D)

not bad ah~ should do the first 10(if i still got the mood), since is 2010 :DDD

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

studying now, hoping that something will go into my small brain :D
haix! HATE MATHS TTM! :/

I don't want another pretty face
I don't want just anyone to hold
I don't want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
You're the one I wanna chase
You're the one I wanna hold
I wont let another minute go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul

I know that you are something special
To you I'd be always faithful
I want to be what you always needed
Then I hope you'll see the heart in me

I don't want another pretty face
I don't want just anyone to hold
I don't want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
You're the one I wanna chase
You're the one I wanna hold
I wont let another minute go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul

Your beautiful soul, yeah
You might need time to think it over
But im just fine moving forward
I'll ease your mind
If you give me the chance
I will never make you cry c`mon lets try

I don't want another pretty face
I don't want just anyone to hold
I don't want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
You're the one I wanna chase
You're the one I wanna hold
I wont let another minute go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul

Am I crazy for wanting you
Baby do you think you could want me too
I don't wanna waste your time
Do you see things the way I do
I just wanna know if you feel it too
There is nothing left to hide

I don't want another pretty face
I don't want just anyone to hold
I don't want my love to go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul
You're the one I wanna chase
You're the one I wanna hold
I wont let another minute go to waste
I want you and your beautiful soul

You beautiful soul, yeah.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OKAY! I, ANG WAN TING, hereby annouced that...


today, went school to study math with ANNA, MQ, GWEN and YZ.. or i should i suppose to study la~ but i gave up, cos really difficult sia! i see their stress faces, i started to stress also :/ haix!
really hate the people who invented MATHEMATICS! kill our braincells or not reasons~

ANNA popped a question: can find the faci, and drop math mah?
i quickly answered: I ACC YOU :DDDD

but i dont know leh, i started to hate math once i got into RP! cos really damn diff :((( feels like asking the module chair to allow me to DROP! but no hope la, cos is COMPULSORY module! wth!! why need math?? argh!

looking around than found some funny one (erm, maybe not that funny la~)

the person who did this really CB TTM! angry sia! how cna they can woman like this??!?!? dont appreciate us, and complaint somemore! %#%@$$%@!# really nb one leh!
whatever, im still a teenager :D LOL!

and i really WISH that i can dont give a shit lor! but i dont want to retake module~ :((( need to tahan first! 我不要!!!!!!!

haha~ although still hate it when i dont understand.. but still agree to this :DDD

Monday, December 28, 2009

The man who went to Heaven

A man died and because he had been a good person, he went to Heaven, where Saint Peter greeted him at the door.

Welcome! he said. You can enter Heaven right away, but, because you lived such a good life, you can also go and check out Hell first, if you like.

The man was rather curious and said - well, why not - and he went down all the stairs to reach the door of Hell, which opened before him.

Behind the door, he saw many people sitting around tables with delicious food! But they were all very sad, and suffering, because instead of hands they had long knives and forks as arm extensions and they did not manage to put any of this great food in their mouths.

The man went back up to Heaven and said to Saint Peter: Wow, am I glad that I can go to Heaven. That is really some punishment.

Welcome to Heaven, Saint Peter said, as he let the man in.
What did he see there? He saw many people sitting around tables with delicious food, just like in Hell!

And just like in Hell, they also had these long fork and knive extensions on their arms!
But in Heaven, the people weren't crying or cursing, because they were sticking the food in each other's mouths! "Try this", they laughed. "And this!", and they had lots of fun in the process.

Happiness comes from making other people happy. Don't be selfish but care for other people, and you will be taken care of as well.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Saturday, December 26, 2009

should we efficient?? hahahah! i got the pics to upload alr~ :DDDD
suddenly technology really makes me happy! LOL!
pictures pictures

met MQ and ANNA to shop for steamboat ingredients...then the process makes me really CMI in supermarket! :/// should go more often :P

trolley is for putting the ingredients, but we put our bags in priority..

i used all my strength to open this shit, finally DID IT! :DD feel so proud of myself, WAHAHAHA!

sleepover is suppose to talk crap, but all of us are using the com =.=
special kind of sleepover huh...? lol

i believed that i made the best soup of all four of us.. :D

caught me twitting in the mid of cooking, OOPS!

my 'christmas tree' hehe!

okok, thats all for now~ now chatting chatting.. see whether i got more pics to upload later~ :DDDD

Friday, December 25, 2009


currently at anna's house! sort of like celebrating Christmas, but having steamboat=.=
haha! her brother even said that: are you all celebrating new year??

we ate, damn full! then went down stairs to play sparkles! :DDD ahaha~ i made myself a christmas tree~ but look like arrow :/ LOL!! then went 7-11, and back home!

intending to have a movie marathon!! haha~ starting with alvin and the chipmunks 1 :) haha!
i realised a walk in a park is seriously nice~ cos i was damn full just now and now i feel like all digested.. WOW! should keep this habit, hehe!

now me,MQ and GWEN all sitting on the sofa, focusing on my com :))) lol! i think resting for the fun later!! hahaha~

Thursday, December 24, 2009


finally christmas is ALMOST here.. and this really means that 2009 is really coming to an end :DDD
actually this year is not that bad, as compared to my O level's year~ SO MUCH BETTER!
this year:
i got into RP(although is not my ideal school, sian!), met alot of fun and new friends:) and should say, enjoy myself very much.. hehe! so enjoying, that i got the habit: SLACKING :/
let's have a christmas song:
this is just for laugh, or just for YUCKS la.. LOL!

i came across this, and i think is dman funny lor! WAHAHAHA!
dont misunderstand!! im not a fan of her ah~

so excited for tml, staying over christmas night!

now im busy watching: 下一站,幸福 :DDD DAMN NICE!
jeselyn told me to watch long long time ago, but i dont really like the actor and actress.. so didnt watch it! wah lao, almost 走宝 lor.. LOL!
the storyline is damn touching and nice! and the acting skills are also natural ttm~ TOK GONG! somemore, 小乐 damn cute!! where they get all these cute little actor one ah?? whenever i see him act, i will feel happy lor~ and feel like sayang-ing him, HAH!

their starting song also nice :) enjoy!

also, GO WATCH! sure no regret one!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i know it looks not that yummy la! but, imagine me didnt cook like for quite long leh.. this outcome is not bad alr :DDDD
okay, i admit.. it is ABIT salty only, maybe not enough water :/ nvm, can eat can alr.. hehe!

SIAN! raining again, even thinking of going to JP to get something.. haix! now have to wait :( hmmm, maybe i should also shun bian go lib??? i also didnt step in lib for a long long time, like even since end of O's??
sia la, damn long! O.O should go should go, and read the comics :D

oh ya, i didnt really have a ny pics with my specs one hor.. since im wearing it now~ let cam whore abit! HAHAH

BUANG ttm! haix~ still prefer myself wearing contacts,WAHAHAHA! and yes, if you've realised i have also cut my hair! damn cui, hope it will grow faster!! :(((
so going to curse that hairdresser until my hair grow nicer ://///

the weather now is a weirdo.. just now raining, now is not =.= is the God telling me to go and not go JP??? i also abit lazy to move sia, shit! my butt should get bigger one lor :( aiya! when school reopens, i also need to walk that loooooooong distance to RP.. the same anyways :/

suddenly rmb yesterday, damn funny! my mom bought dinner, and there's one drumstick! so me and my sis were like snatching over it.. somemore, she is holding her dinner while fighting with me~ how i wish the rice will topple and the victory is MINE! but she won in the end :( sad! but the drumstick is seriously shiok ttm! *yummy*

oh no!!!! the briefing timing and the class outing clashes!! OMGGGG~ how ah?? sibei sian one! can pon or not ah? ://///

im bored :(

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TANG YUAN!! yess, good timing! :D cos i got the craving for glutinous balls like weeks ago, and today can eat till i shiok!
well, i not a big fan of tang yuan actually.. but dont know why, sometimes i will like have the craving lor!
BUT i dont recommend to eat alot first, cos i now feels like puking alr lor! all the red bean paste ma jiam still in my mouth... making me want to~ *vomit*!

actually today want to go 313 one... but i woke up so late, 4 STH LEH!! dont need to go alr~ somemore raining, sian ttm! i now also very tired.. dont feel okay at all lor!
suddenly keep having flu, esp at night! when you comfortable want to sleep alr, then the stupid nose keep sneezing~ WTH!!!
(no wonder i keep waking up so late the nest day :////)

NG MEIQI!! come hao lian with me, COS SHE BOUGHT THE STICKY SWEETS!! :( envy ttm! must go but also, then can eat! WAHHAAHAHA~

oh ya, and my contacts are expiring sooooooooooooooon! oh no! i still have four pairs, then expire on SEP 2010! how???? maybe i sell it.. but will buy a normal contacts?? aiya, need to go back my buang state alr :(((

this is part is so funny! from 08:29 onwards.. i seriously laugh till i cannot tahan!! :DDDDDD

time is rushing me :(

Monday, December 21, 2009

so suay ah! the birthday at december.. but still okay la! cos december is the month of celebration :DD christmas, new year all these.. counted as not bad lor, HAH!

msg just for her:

haha! finally sweet 17 alr! been waiting for a long time yeah?? nvm, your day is here! so why not just go crazy once and enjoy it! dont be so emo la.. ohya! this year birthday wishes better wish it with lots of sincerity ah~ then your WISH will come true.. or i should say, just believe that miracle do happens :))))


so christmas having a sleepover at ANNA's place.. hah! be ready for a long chat :D actually, i like to have sleepover, cos 'exciting' i think.. you will nv know what you were going to say, heh!

this makes me rmb when i have sleepover at JAS's place.. we were chatting and said ALOT of things~ abit forgot what to say alr! LOL, stm =.= but damn fun! cos JAS's mummy also join in! WAHAHAH! we really sisters alr lor :DDD
but sad la, I WANT TO GO GENTING! :(((( KIA HUI and JAS must be enjoying now~ i want

feel like going to JP and get some sushi home :/ haix! but so far~ lazy la! all the the tv fault, play so much gourmet shows! makes me want to eat this and that!

this is A.N JELL! from the start i watch YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL right, i am alr thinking.. are they really a band, or just for the sake of the show?? hm... not sure leh! but they really look like a band hor! like very pro,AND their songs are really nice :D
damn nice, wont sian one! i think YUAN ZHANG can also agree with me lor :)

and etc la~ can go search, or even better! GO WATCH! nice actually, for the behind part la.. in front abit draggy~ and they say maybe have season two! quite looking forward to it! cos the ending, I AM SUPER NOT HAPPY WITH IT!
(sth like the new moon ending, just edward saying: marry me, bella.. then black screen,WTH!!!)
thinking of it makes me pissed off! *roll eye ttm*

okok, my horoscope say dont make yourself angry.. must control temper! *breathe in breathe out*
maybe is that i am not talking much now(WOW!), so i got tons of things to swear and complaint in my blog!! wahahaha~

waiting for my mom to come home now, cos im damn hungry! just have milo and some biscuits for lunch and breakfast till now! seriously, using com can really slim down(i realise).. cos you just use it and forgot the timing :D then you forgot that you are hungry!
but of course, dont go watch the gourmet shows la! thats one is you are tempting yourself to have more food! (like putting a meat in your mouth when you tell yourself not to eat)

i dont know why, got the urge to do this.. the top three chio-est mummy i think is asia :D
haha! maybe really nth to do! but they really chio ttm, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE MARRIED AND GIVE BIRTH TO BABIES!!!
i only can say, they are getting prettier and prettier! how i wish i can be them *envy envy*

RANKING 1ST:徐熙娣 (xiao s)

she is damn pretty la! getting more chio every time i watch her show! when i first know her, is from 娱乐百分百~ and at that time, i think she is damn funny! after that, she stepped down cos she need to give birth to her first baby! then went to 康熙来了!
AHAHAHAH! she make the show to funny and interesting... like when she suan the guests, LOL! funny bone in her :D her host skills are also tok gong ttm!
and her figure, freaking good! wonder how she stay like this.. she also said before: i will still keep my figure even when i stepped out of showbiz~
WOW! high expectation! O.O


she wasnt that pretty in the past when i watch the drama she acted~ seriously.. only now, i think she is even prettier as compared to the past.. how to say, now she got an aura~ A GOOD ONE! like.. dont know how to say leh! maybe she is now a experienced actress, then got the feng bah! LOL! but sad case is, her showbiz is getting better and better.. but she decided to quit and follow her husband :(
all i can say is, mediacorp has lost a gem..


I believed everyone knows her as ALLAN WU's other half?? cos this is how i rmb her.. when people say: the allan wu's wife lor!
i will: ORH! wong li-lin ah???
haha! drama.. =.= okok! she mostly appeared in channel 5 dramas la.. not really in the chinese one! but she like nv change one leh! still like the past, when she was still a newbie.. :) as if she have eat the chang sheng bu lao pills(never age pills)~ haha! like forever wont old one! ENVY TTM!

haix! thinking what i will look like in future.. hmmm~

Sunday, December 20, 2009

back to blogging~ cos i spent my day doing nth.. really nth! and also, no mood to use my com(cos of sth :/)

then i went to see my mail, DL TTM! okok, you see ah.. i am jobless, and of course need to earn money la~ then i saw this...

i was more than happy! cos like not bad lor.. $300 to $400 weekly, more than enough for me to spend :DDDD and 8-10 hours only.. WHO DONT WANT?!?!?
BUT i then on reading.. then saw sth that i dont want to see AT ALL!

wah lao! totally not fair lor! like as if 17 years cannot do anything like that.. still a baby drinking milk meh! haix!

whenever i go look for job, they also ask:are you 18 alr???
when i say no, they will then say contact me again! *roll my eyes* always like this, standard! wont change! NB!

really hate they discriminate 17 years old like this.. only one year diff leh, like will kill them if they employ us like that :////////////////// aiya~ complaint also not use! square-minded people, PUKE!
nvm, turning 18 next year! ALTHOUGH IS IN AUG! but bear with it la.. also cannot blame my mom for giving me so late~ cos she sure say is my fault for not wanting to come out :/

just cut my hair! DISASTER~ and the hairdresser is a seriously CMI! call him dont cut, he cut.. then i think he dont know what im saying~ ARGH!!! why now everyone come pissing me off ah?!?!?!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

yesterday my sis was using my com, and came across this website... DAMN CUTE!! hahaha~
they are sweets, but got special design lor~ idk how to say, but i think really WOW!

thank you

i love

kiwi flavour


grape flavour
they even have the pics within the sweets itself lor~ haha! thinking of buying it sia..at EU TONG SEN there.. near clarke quay mrt there~ hahaa! going with my sis!! WOOHOO!
cute-y sweets, HERE I COME!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I give you an inch and you take a mile
You make mistakes that erase when you smile
Im starting to feel like it aint alright
How can you care if I dont cross your mind
Cause I
Say I wanna talk but you just push me away
Tell me your leaving when I want you to stay
I never thought that loving you would hurt me this way
But Im the only one to blame
Cause Im always saying

Its ok, it's alright
I put the pain away and let it slide
I forgive and forget it
And then you promise me I wont regret it
But I do, it's not right
Because I turn around and let it slide
And im crazy for thinking
That someday you'll change things when you keep on crossin' the line

Something about you won't let me go
Maybe hes better being alone
I, keep saying im gonna move on
But it's so hard when your all that I know
But I, Say I wanna talk but you just push me away
Tell me your leaving when I want you to stay
Never thought that loving you would hurt me this way
But Im the only one to blame
Cause im always saying

It's ok, it's alright
I put the pain away and let it slide
I forgive and forget it
And then you promise me I wont regret it
But I do
It's not right because I turn around and let it slide
And Im crazy for thinking that someday you'll change things
When you keep on crossin' the line

Boy I wish I didnt give in so easily
Oh, I dont know what to do
Cause I keep on feeding the flame
When I should really be telling you we're through

Its ok, it's alright
I put the pain away and let it slide
I forgive and forget it
And then you promise me I wont regret it
But I do, it's not right
Because I turn around and let it slide
And im crazy for thinking
That someday you'll change things when you keep on crossin' the line


MEIQI very enthu on slimming down, makes me think.. i need or not ah??
somemore yesterday, JAS mom also say i have gain some weight as compared to FIRST SEM.. :/ haix! (just a few weeks, ansd i gain weight?! cannot imagine my next few years!)
haha! craving for slurpee :DD went to get one, sibei SHIOK! i think my addiction to slurpee is back alr.. i used to have craving for it like twice a day??? hahaha!
eh, i forgot why stopped for a while.. BUT NOW BACK AGAIN!!!!! woohoo..!

SUPER JUNIOR is now tv!!! HAHAHA! they are so funny~ their dancing really makes me speechless.. WAHAHAHA!

and and LEE MINHO IS COMING TO SINGAPORE(or maybe alr in singapore???) i want to gooooooooooo! :( haix! maybe i sneak in?? ahha~ cos my mum sure die die also dont allow me to buy the ticket.. she will think:WASTE OF MONEY! ://///
she win alr, SHE ALWAYS WIN! argh..!

oh ya, XIAXUE is getting married! shocked sia~ but congrats btw...

Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility

Thursday, December 17, 2009

today was slacking at home, then decided to go JAS house and play mahjong :DDDD
i have not played it for a looooooooooooooong time :/ cos 'not free'.. finally can touch the tiles, feeling quite shiok actually :)
somemore, lady luck is with me today!! i am the type of player that will always be cai shen one.. today im not, HAHA!
and and! i won DA SAN YUAN! yes, i didnt type wrong.. and you didnt see wrong..
dont believe??

see, proof! i didnt fake it or anything.. i swear! sia la! i also shocked! also, they all know that i can waiting for hong zhong~ but i draw the hong zhong.. can see how lucky i am???
really 0nce in a while.. the feeling is HAPPY!

BUT! whenever you have a happy thing happened to you, sure have one unhappy one! my mom dont allow to go genting!!! argh~! fight with her for a while, but lost in the end :(
but really wished that i can go lor.. hope that she will allow for chalet :/

got a feeling to go work alr.. cos broke really sucks like hell!! maybe i will go JP and look for one~ but if i really work, i sure no time to do anything else.. :/ haix!
isnt that sth is i can earn money and enjoy myself one???? :(

im stupid, no doubt...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

she is a damn good singer! i was listening to her songs ever since NAT intro me one of her songs.. DAMN GOOD!

intro intro :)

others you all can go find :DDD but seriously in love with her now :) her songs are seriously addictive! OMGGGGG~ TRY TRY!!!

looking for a drama to watch, a seriously nice one :) holiday just started, and i got so much time.. abit not used to it :/ now, i still can wake up automatically at 8 am lor! SIAN TTM! but have no trouble going back to sleep :P
actually quite envy for those who got tons of things to do, at least time will pass faster.. not like me, ma jiam american time~

lets see, what can i do..
  • watch dramas, tons of it! (looking in progress)
  • do voluntary work??
  • learn a new sport (lazy leh)
  • prank calls ( but can last for a day meh??)
  • look for a job :(
  • help my mom to do a early spring cleaning ( IMPOSSIBLE!)
  • oh ya, clear my room! (i can hardly see space on my table O.O
want to see how space-less my table is??

TADA~ messy hor! this is only like the starting part, it will get worse.. SERIOUSLY! but the good thing is, i will tend to get yim cim sometimes and clear everything up! hah!

work is a need! but i TIRED LA~ dont feel like working.. cannot imagine how can i chiong for work in sem 1! OMGGGG! but short of cash nowadays, regret!!! haix! nvm, i sure i can get through this.. *sob sob*

oh ya, i was listening to my blog songs today.. and saw that my blog's 'IPOD' batt is quite low~

i was thinking: huh?! wtf?? how come will like that de???
so i went looking at mixpod.com and see whether can do anything to 'charge' it =.=
i asked my sis, and she just scolded me: stupid la! no such thing~
now, i realised how stupid i am.. but can they dont make it so real, like as if i really own one *roll eyes ttm*
so i sort of wasted an hour of my time being so stupid! thanks ah, MIXPOD!

sometimes, i just hate myself...

went out with ANNA and MQ today!( i mean yesterday =.=) initially, is to acc MQ to buy backpack.. but turn out, we buy nth at all~ but walking around! hahahah! damn tiring, like hiking lor!
imagine we walked to a extent the MQ said: ANNA, can we sit down?? i very tired...
met up with MQ first, cos ANNA was LATE! damn late.. :/ LOL
we then walk around bugis junction lor.. aimlessly~ we also hungry, so bought sushi while waiting for ANNA PHUA LIPING!!!

NICE! salmon rules the world!

when i saw this.. i said: wah! good leh, got plugs!! can bring our laptop and slack here after school :DDDD
MQ: huh??(with this face =.=)
camwhore while waiting for ANNA PHUA LIPING!

EDWARD CULLEN IS MINE MINE MINE!! hahaha! see see, i covered bella's face! lol


my first meal.. AT 6 PM! thanks to~ (you know who) lol! mcspicy~ YUMMY!

then we went to the outer theater, and watch the show there.. a good place to slack, seriously.. i like the scenery!! BUT nicer at night :)

i forgot their band name.. but they are good! seriously~ they got a very nice song, but i didnt record it :( can go search, called: CHANGE IN MY LIFE

then we went inside, intending to go MAC cafe.. and saw this :D so we stopped and listened lor! the songs they played can really make you relax and sleep lor :))))

and on our way.. we saw this BIG PAPER BEAR!! i think is the same one that XIAN WEE took photo with.. haha! i dont dare to touch, cos i scared tear~LOL!!

abit small ah~ but nvm la! can see can alr.. :)

haha! we created spec for him :D

then we went to MAC and slack lor! chatted and home sweet home!! the uploading part makes me want to slam my laptop lor! dman looooooooooooooong~ but DONE :) proud of myself...

tml off to MQ to have her home-make SUSHI! woohoo! quite looking forward to it :DDDD