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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Argh!! yesterday was a idiotic day, i cried in my bed. i was feeling very terrible, horrible and vegetable. okay okay, i think i am fine now, as i can joke! lala~ the reason for crying is that EVERYTHING is not going smoothly in my way. i cannot paint the colour i want in my room, anything i do will sure gana scolded by my parents and others la. (sorry, today i will be a true singaporean, by using singlish.erm, i always using right?? aiya, who cares la, just let me fa xie first.) In my previous post, i talked about living on my own hor, i wish that i will do it now! Yes, i wish to do it, WITHOUT telling my parents. all the smart people, you can guess it right. that's it, i want to run away from home. Now, the blood in my body is boiling lor. maybe, i still haven't got over with what happen yesterday. I found out that if anything good happen to me that day, something will sure make me hopping mad de.
Yesterday, i was happy that juying bball tean won dunearn bball team. when i got home, i was just gonna tell this good news to my parents. but she keep scolding me, making me moody moody and even more moody. my friend LY called and also notice that i am very moody. the thing that make me so angry is that she cheated me! i just couldn't believe it, she could say that kind of thing to me! when i heard it, i was fuming mad. She then even scolded for putting black face. what the H*** la. so unreasonable. i don't get it, why everything she says is the final, but don't want to listen others. i find it very hard to communicate to her la. thank god, i am going out on christmas eve till very late, i think about 6 in the morning. But maybe not coming home also, i think. but i think my anger has subsided liao, a little only.
the next morning, she treat it as nothing happen yesterday. i was thinking not to make the house moody again, so i never say it out. but i was still angry. okay, anywhere i am okay now. i think so,haha!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I was out almost the whole day, so i was quite tired now. Nothing much happen today, just went out and come back home. But christmas is coming to town at 25th, yeah! i am now very excited and...excited lor. But as much as i know, i think we have not planned out the whole schedule, oh my gosh what to do?! okay, let me recall first: first is to go to take neoprint, then we go to bugis junction to have eat steamboat and lastly..NOTHING! sure got something to do, but we forget. Never mind, as the saying goes, 船到桥头自然直. yes, i should think this way, it always happen like this.
Anyway, today i don't feel like saying what i do the whole day, but want to discuss something. Do you want to live alone instead if living with your family? Haha, i am thinking of this since... i don't know since where also, haha. It is like i have been thinking years ago. And i think my parents know it too, but they , of course, don't approve la. They say they will consider it if they can see me grow independent and can take GOOD care of myself, which i think will only happen in my next life. it is not that i am not confident of myself, but even my friends tell me to grow up a bit. i also got discuss this thing with LY too, she also wish to move out and live on her own. i have even thought of how my lif will be when i got the chance to move out.
okay, here goes, i will have a bed that have no legs. I don't know what that call, but i think it is nicer that normal bed. You see, if you come back feeling tired, and you can just fall down on the...i just call it 'leg-less bed', without getting hurt. then, my whole room will be painted the colour i feel like colouring, and don't need to ask for my parents' permission. okay, i may not have three balance meals a day, but i think this can make me slim down a little. haha, hope so. The laundry i can send it to dry cleaning, this can save some of my effort. okay, i think that's about it, as for the rent, i think i will go work and earn my allowance.
Actually, it is my sister who influence me on living out. As there is a period of time, she keep begging mummy to let her move out and live on her own. At that time, i didn't think too much as i was too young. Then as time goes by, with the addition influence on dramas. My desire on moving out grew bigger and bigger. okay, end of story! lol...
But i think the day on living on my own will come when i get married. i think my before life should be very independent, then in this life i am very not independent. haix...(ohno, my life is shorten by three years!)
okay, don't want to think about it, let's it just be thrown into my memory. let's talk something else, and must be good one.
Let me think, ohya, the people who's sheng xiao is monkey is very lucky next year 2008. i read a book and it says that these people is very lucky in studies. Yeah~i think i am not so scared of my O level next year. haha...
okay, i need to go now. BYE

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WAHAHAHAHA! I just watched a very funny video of jolin testing xiao zhu English conversation. haha, it is very old video. But it is very funny!! okay, i need to go to ikea now to buy furniture, because I AM MOVING!! YEAH~ BYE
(ohmygosh,it so damn short!)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A NEW BLOG SKIN! Finally, i changed a new blog skin. i like this blog skin better, as this is the new Wilbur's appearance. He has slimmed down so much, i was shocked when i heard how much he has lost. 18 KG! wow, i don't know how he did it in such a short time. but he sure look nicer and more handsome. haha... i feel like eating one tub of ice cream now, the feeling will be so shiok! But in this cold weather, people will say you siao. My sister cooked dinner yesterday, it should say the taste is not bad for a beginner. i went to school today again, but is for the camp schedule, not spring cleaning. the atmosphere during the meeting was...relaxing. i noticed that no one has changed, it is still the same old face. Is this a good sign or a bad one? aiya, anything la!
Now is a week before christmas, and my friends are all thinking how to celebrate on this meaningful day. We are thinking of going to marina bay to eat steamboat, but we are afraid of something to happen. Then, we are thinking of going to the town to countdown.(oh ya, i am talking about christmas eve now.) But while we are thinking on what to do next, someone will start other topic to chat.Then, we will chat chat chat chat and forget about the christmas thing. That's why we have being thinking for a week or something.
okay, back to the camp meeting, while we have ended the meeting. LY luckily received a call from MDM Ye. She say that the N level result release today, and need her to do the P.A stuffs. So, JY, SGM and me also go help. But we only go the storeroom and chit-chat. They at first say that they need to use the visualiser, but in the end DON'T NEED. So while keeping the stuffs, we heard someone cheer and scream. They are very happy that they passed. Haha, feel happy for them too. CONGRATULATIONS!
The rain is heavy when i got home, i think is about 2 something. So unlucky i got drenched when i rushed from the bus stop to my house. Now, the rain stopped liao. -.-III
okie, i need to go bath liao, or i will be sick. BYE

Monday, December 17, 2007

finally, i finished my proposal. yeah~today is the first episode of 手足II(kinship II). i can see my favourite ACTOR and actress again. but the starting look so ke lian, like everyone is going to break down and cry. Now, i also feel like crying also, but BIG GALS DON'T CRY. But, i only fifteen you know, not so big yet. Peisah, i now realised that i am talking crap and rubbish. *sorry sorry* oh ya, the chipmunks movie is on air liao, my friend LY go watched and she loved it very much.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

beacuse of making this blogskin, i went through A LOT. But i think it's all worth it, as i finally got wilber to be in my blog. Today, is my first post in my personal blog. *clap clap* Haha,a bit of zhi lian here,peisah! i just found out today that i still got tons of holiday homework uncomplete, DIE! But i don't feel like doing it anyway, not feel~ Just now my whole family feel like drinking bubble tea, and order me to go. i was unwilling in the first place, but my sister bet with me to come back in ten minutes. i was thinking:okay,let's bet. i got 'nothing to do' at home in the first place. And the bet begins..

But unfortunately, as i have not been exercising for the past few weeks, i lost the bet. Even though i didn't lost anything, but the feeling of 'only five minutes late' make me want to try again. But after a much serious thinking, i think rest is more important. As weekend got nothing to watch except for the 红星大奖, i suddenly got the feel to create my own blog. And tada~ i'm writing my first post here. ohno, it's seven now, need to watch 红星大奖! Let's bless ELVIN NG wins something~~