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Saturday, September 26, 2009

reach home...
on lappy...
on tele...
then plunge on the wooden chair and enjoy my fav timing! :))))))

Thursday, September 24, 2009

today is totally not my day~haix!

dont know since when my screen has alr started to 'jump', then my mum started to be very worried that it may spoil...
of cos, i am still with the bor hiu lan attitude~ then yesterday, my mum roared at me: YOU BETTER GO FIXED YOUR LAPTOP, OR ELSE...
so no choice, have to go~ and this started out my freaking troublesome cum tiring cum irritating journey!!!

first, RP got one IT helpdesk right? so i went there.. hoping that the pros can help me make the screen keep still and dont move~
BUT, the person attending me saw my screen and said: orh, yours is fujitsu right? i think you need to go to the FUNAN IT MALL to get up... cos yours i think got part is damaged.

but the thing is, have to go~ =////

btw, the time i went to RP there is noon~ where the sun is the brightest cum hottest! and the route is damnnnnnnn loooooooong! you know desert?? sth like that you know! =/

and the thing is i just arrived RP... the sweat havent even dry yet then need to walk to the MRT again! that time, i got the urge to take a cab and VROOOOOM~ but cos of that sth, cannot grant my desire! shit sia...! =///

so sweating and TIRED! i waited and waited~ train arrived! BUT NO SEATS... i think the god is playing a trick on me!

everyone is working...
train no ppl...
BUT NO SEATS????? (btw ah, full house somemore sia!)

okok, i endured and finally... CITYHALL! whew, really finally!
(imagine when you have walked under the sun and have not rest since you leave the house~)

then following what the person told me and went to the FUNAN mall~ went to one person and ask about the FUJITSU CARE CENTER...
she said : oh! i think you need to go to the IDELPHI mall and go to level 4... if im not wrong (you are soooo wrong!)

so i blur blur and walk from the FUNAN mall to the IDELPHI mall! UNDER THE SUN!!! so i keep on walking round and round, nth NTH NTH!!!

then i go see the directory, and saw a computer care and service... then found them! haix~ then they told me to GO TO FUNAN MALL AGAIN and find dont know who eric -.-
so i went~ and saw the FUJITSU outlet, and asked them~ then finally they guided me to the PLACE!
what a day right?!
i swear that today is the day that i ever ever ever dont want it to repeat again...!! argh!!! >:(

needless to say, flat flat flat... always like this, just charged it~ then when keep listening to songs, flat again! =///
stupid phone, GL with me!

my goal:
  • earn enough to change this GL phone, LOLLIPOP here i come~~~~~!!!
shagged~ then almost step on a pool of urine! wah kao!

then it is yellow lor, that person must be shang huo! drink more water la!
tsk, stupid person~ dont know what he or she is thinking!

what for pee in a lift right? since you can bear from somewhere to your house, then why not control your bladder and bear till you reach your house toilet???!!!!

please , dont let all these things appear in my life again! PLEASSSSSSSEEEE!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

just had supper with liyoung(again!)
striving on becoming SUPERSIZE ME, eheh joking only ah~! dont take it seriously...

really into looking for a new job, as IMPRESSED got more than enough ppl... haix!
  1. ETUDE house
  2. timberland
  3. huiwen's recommended place
really hard for cash sia~ so sudden, dk why also... also also, these few days really into blogging~ finally! cos last few days i started to get sick of it, all becos of cannot upload pic...

aiya, i also fan jian! can upload alr, then dont have pics to update~ wth!!!! =///

finally got 大囍事 in our family~ very long since the last wedding! but time flies, my cousin is getting married!!!

also also, i really think that a woman is the prettiest and happiest when they are getting married... cos my cousin is damn pretty when they gave us their wedding photo~ blessing to them :)))))))

erm, today mummy went to grandmother's house to get the wedding invitation card from my cousin... cannot go cos working~
but i just look at it, my mind was: KAO, swissotel??? WTH?!?!?! rich sia...
anyways, really looking forward to their wedding!!!

then, really got nth to yesterday... so did my nails~ best way to save? D.I.Y!
yes! i D.I.Y-ed, and tada my nails~

okok, not that nice~ but i received different feedback! hah! but their first reaction is always: EHHHHHH!!!!
standard :)

ok, i admit... i got nth to blog, but i just dont want to leave blogger~ thinking hard! >:/
ok, really nth~ shit!

erm, later going anchor point~ doing some 'shopping' (guys, i rmb what i wrote on my previous post) typically, window bah~ haix! POOR SUCKS!

ohya, i want to put a new poll~ what you will hold on the most!
when you only have:
  1. laptop
  2. handphone
  3. ipod
  4. television
hehe, cos my answer is standard~ LAPPY!!! i cannot live without laptop! REALLY CANNOT! must at least touch it at least once per day.. addicted! i admit~ i can use it for one day straight if i can..



so damn nice!! thinking of getting it!!! but...haix!!! my budget~
but really cute hor??? :(((((((
pray pray that it will be cheap cheap! damn cheap is the best! maybe get from korea?? must be a korean~!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i am so damn proud of you HIEW LI YOUNG! *winks*
JYJY, okay? and... erm, try not to think SOOOOO much ah~? LOL!!

i suddenly realised that i have no financial planning at all~ just spending all my money once i got my pay... shit sia! must change must change!!!!!

(ONHO, I JUST FORGOT HOW TO SPELL THE WORD 'LETS') and and, my phone just DING DONG... must be my pathetic working schedule~ shit!

LETS start by listing out my out going money plans and reasons to let me think whether that i REALLY NEED IT~
HAVE TO GOOOOO! i am so excited to this trip, cos JAS's mummy have alr asked me since like last year~ then i also want to go play play! we cannot let auntie down right~? LOL!
so in conclusion, MUST SPEND FOR THIS TRIP~!

erm, have to right? in consideration of manners, and have to give them their blessing~ so need to spend on this area to doll myself up, and look the best! :))))) also, taxi fares?? i should be chipping in right, since i am earning some money now...
conclusion? have to spend!

this is of course....can save one~ haix! tahan abit, once my pocket gets fat again~ i will go and sao huo! I SWEAR! but goodbye all the nice clothes, i will be back! =/

i just saw an eye candy wallet at charles and keith~ and cheap too! $26.70 i think~ then got the urge to make it mine, but haix! really dont want to repeat the word again

this i borbian have to save~ this is damn important to me!
do it!

practically these things i need to spend~so working is the thing for me now! $.$
but i dont know why i keep got the urge to spend my money, habit i think~

but i think i going to have another part time work~ cos my schedule is damn pathetic!
next week one: working full only on mon and saturday...haix!

need a helping hand? HERE HERE!!!
got lobang must consider me ah, haha~! :D
actually i am considering ETUDE HOUSE, TIMBERLAND AND ETC... but the thing is, i think they dont even want me! :'(

dont know why, i got a feeling that sth bad is going to happen...

Friday, September 18, 2009

YES!!! i found another boy band other than SUPER JUNIOR~!
they are super shuai, cool and of course CUTE!


his name is TOP, and he is damn good in rapping~!
yoyo~ haha

Monday, September 14, 2009

TO: the world most irritating person

i have never ever see someone so irritating as you are. Only want to win, never want to lose. Even though you have lost, you will ALWAYS do that freaking extras things in order to vent your anger. you are alr old person, but the things you do always so childish. FOR EXAMPLE, everything have to go in your way... the thing is for what, for getting a little sense of attention?!
is it fucking worth it?! to me, NOOOOOOOOOOOO~
you are just making me hate you forever, and ever! i have alr made a millions swear that i will never going to care about you, but i always broke it...
really, i was the one who kana scolding whenever you are around. i know it was used to be you, but are you getting revenge or what?
i really cannot understand what it everything about... i envy others who got the same situation as me, cos they seem to be merrier and happier~ but i am fucking not happy with you around!!!
i wish that i am not in this world at all, cos of all your fucking attitude and things you did to me...you know what, i have even thought of clapping hands with you three times.(i think you know what it means, if you dont... I DONT CARE)
i dont really want to say this, but I HATE YOU
if you realise, most of the time we see each other is either not talking or we are fighting~whatever you think is fun, it is not to me! so, stop doing that!
also, you have alr reach a point that whenever you do something will makes me feel irritated! EVERYTHING~!
you are just so childish.
ohya, congrats btw~ he helped you isnt it? you must be very happy and wants to see a showdown right???? sorry, didnt grant your wish...
but if you want, then do what you did to me again... i can confirm i will give you what you want! cos dont you think that complaining will makes me really defeated, cos i will surely continue what i love to do...
but can you just tell me your motive? so that i can keep track of you~ cos i started to feel a little scared of what you will do to me next.
erm, needed some suggestions?? why not this, see when i can really breakdown and seeing begging in front of you...
good isnt it? i think this is the best!
not that i really wanted to do what, but is just that i dont really understand you at all... not at all you know, i have tried but failed... sometimes, i just so tired that i dont want to talk to you at all can prevent all the drama, but you still dont get my freaking point and continue.
i think i ask myself before, where is the old you? or is that my behavior have changed you?
i just cannot help myself to remember the old you, before i have hated you... or are you two faced?
whatever that it, i have changed my views on you..

(PS:dont ask me what happened can? cos i dont really want to talk about it~:) )

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

nth to do today, so zilian with eleen abit~ just abit only! haha...
but hor, i keep calling her to pan gui lian~ then she keep dont want... :(
nvm, at least she want to take~ 我还能要求什麽呢? sigh~

okok, no more alr~ cos we decided to joke around to kill time~ she damn funny!
cos i said: 都没有人的,来放屁都没有咯~!
she started saying: 你又懂??! 可能有咧。。。
after that, she told me about her ah gong in malaysia that whenever he fart...he will used the fan to fan his butt in order to fan off the smell!
DAMN FUNNY! WHEN YOU SEE HOW SHE DEMO~ kao, thinking of it also feel like laughing lor~
also also, just now in MRT... i suddenly fan jian thought of it, then started giggling~ people around me thought i siao sia! hahahahahahahahahahahaha~
cannot imagine right, she so 放得开...

finally, my blogger can work again~ once again pictures!!!
really cb one leh, i was busying with my photobucket alr~ then can work suddenly, waste of my time! my lappy also turning GL with me nowadays~

(actually is only ELEEN)

cute?? haha~she is...
19 this year, then damn 淑女~ but she also can be crazy and funny like me!!!
one important thing is.... SHE IS TAKEN! sian right?? haha~


i was waiting at the MRT station, then very hungry... so went to 7-11 to get some food~ but found nth, then saw this bread... didnt think too much, so just go to buy for it!(cos sibei hungry at that time~)
first bite:eh no bad wor~
second bite: kao, NICE!

i bought the MAPLE flavour, but there is also blueberry flavour too! can go try... :)


i was doing my cleaning in my shop, then actually hurt myself~ damn painful sia! cos is the whole stand pressed onto my hand, then i panicked and pull my hand out!
TADA, this is what happened... =/
so i have learnt a lesson~ never lose your cool, stay clam! (talk cock!)

i was back home, when i saw this thingy on my table~ sibei cute! guess guess, what is this??

answer is: CHOCOLATE!

okok, i am a very impatient person~ not waiting longer to view it cute-ness, and 'POP'!
i begin to chew the cute little thingy~ :) taste yummy too!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

NOTE:listening to 溫家恆-同窗密友 while blogging~ can go try this song, nice~
also, this will be a no pic post... wish that you all are not bored ah~ =DDDD

stupid blogger, ki siao again~ cannot upload my pics!
anyways, i also dont really have any pics to upload... stone-ing life~
nth changes, except that i dont need to go to school and rush to work after school. However, i feel that i am getting from bad to worse... why?
1. sleeping at about 3 am everday
2. working almost everyday~
3. sticking onto my lappy, and nth else(not even my favourite drama...WOW!)
4. getting fatter and fatter... :(
5. forgetting how my house looks like alr, shit!

erm erm, today i really DL until my blood boil...!
i was on my way to work, when one guy(middle-aged somemore) was sitting beside me(in train)... he keeps on fidgeting around, then got 接触 me.
i alr showed my displeasure, by keep:tsk tsk tsk! but hor, he is so damn dumb that he cannot get my signal! i am so DL that when i alight my stop, i turned and GLARED at him! of cos, dao him~
FUCK SIA, 如果我不瞪他, 我就不叫洪婉婷!!! sibei angry~

damn, my 家好月圆 is loading damn slow~ okok, actually i got my reason for using the lappy till so 'early'...
cos if you all realise, when you watch videos or anything that require loaing ah~ from midnight onwards is the BEST!!
go try go try~ (WAIT,I AM NOT ENCOURAGING YOU ALL TO USE EVERYDAY AH,i am a different case~ that's why i can... haha)

ohya, yesterday i went to k-box... then got go to the k-pool~ i saw two M-I-C ladies, their dressing is really CMI!
there's a saying goes: MIC, CMI! (try figuring out yourself ah~ i dont want to offend ppl...)
typical acting like Japanese model, you know that kind of magazine one?? THAT ONE LOR!
i always thought that all that pictures are for fashion reference sia, not totally copy everything...
they got copyright one okay??

then hor, my stomach also very GL~ want to eat this at first, then next minute dont want alr...
maybe i got cancer or something, cos i wasnt like this before...
wah, i want this~ this also!! and and, this too! shit, want to eat everything sia~
wah lao, dont know what to eat sia~ this also no feel, that also no feel... aiya, dont want to eat alr!

intro one very exciting drama, abit of link with bai bai de storyline~
千里千寻~ jap one! kao, damn nice~ i have watched it over and over again, i think have about 5-6 times!


Friday, September 4, 2009

i know i am freaking slow~ but this drama is damn damn damn nice!!
want to know what i am watching?? : 溏心风暴2家好月圆
ya, holiday started~ and this is the only thing i am busy with EXCLUDING working... sad~




and and i find the 中仔 cute sia, hehe~!
his song:同窗密友 quite nice, can go try ah!