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Sunday, February 28, 2010

my jollytown... PLEASE CALL ME!!

went for interview yesterday, but WAS LATE! cso cannot find the place at all, quite hollow i think~
but found it in the end, and the interview ah~ quite okay, and i think the job not bad also (Y)
not sure whether i can get in or not :( really pray to God that they will call me!! really need a freaking job now!


the weather nowadays is FREAKING HOT! (N)(N)(N)
really hate it sia, sweating till dehydrate alr la~ please, let this weather go away asap! please! also, i think that because is too hot, make me lose my appetite =.=
and getting sleepy easily ,LOL!
and lazy to go out... haix!
andDL easily too! ://///
and NO MOOD TO BLOG...! :(

wish me luck in getting the job everyone! :DDDD
(praying in progress...)

Friday, February 26, 2010

nice! can try (Y)(Y)(Y)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

found some new songs, freaking happy!

looking for job now, haix! oh ya, i said i found one right?
i rejected it, hehe :P

  • very inconvenient, no direct bus
  • sai gang =.=
i dont like, so still searching for new ones... :D
so got any job offer.. can tell me? pleeeeeeeeease!

AND, i feel like cleaning my laptop sia! the keyboard feels so dirty~ whenever i touch it, my hands like very gaowei ah! dont know how to describe also..
must really go buy the dk what gel intro by ANNA~ haha!

applied another one, looks quite interesting too! LOL
hope i will get my suitable job this time, haix! and also, hope it will accept me!!!!

wish me luck everyone!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

found a great shopping place!

haha, was just looking through SEVENTEEN~ then saw a nice sneakers selling only at $9.90 ONLY!
my mind was: wtf??!!!? nice! i like~

then went to the website, best ah~ decided to make a trip there later with ANNA and MQ (Y)
cheap and nice, worth the try! wahahaha!

oh ya! i MAYBE getting a job! hehe! the singapore flyer one, cos got training~ sekali they dont want me after seeing my performance :P all the vulgarities and unglam-ness (N)

haix! hope they will keep me, PLEASE! really need to earn some money and patch my pocket hole! LOL! wish me luck!

tomorrow should give HUIWEN a surprise too! hehehe...! :DDDDD

Saturday, February 20, 2010

waiting for my 'BELOVED' sis who is TAKING HER OWN SWEET TIME TO BATH!
argh! faster, im feeling damn GAOWEI! cannot tahan alr!! :(((((((

hehe, camwhored while waiting~ :P

when is the last time i camwhore? hmmm.....

Friday, February 19, 2010

should i blog??? hmm....
(thinking in process...)
i should not :D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

YIPEEEEEEE! i am a happy girl today! :DDDD

met up with MQ, and went to cine for a movie first! : 72 prosperity of tenants

freaking funny and really must watch!! (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)

i was really laughing till i cannot tahan sia! and quite loud also.. OOPS! and also they can really alot of casts in this movie sia! all small parts only, but really GOOD!
they made me recalled a song in the movie: 愛是永恆

but i prefer the chinese version!
Jacky Cheung is really a good singer and a EXCELLENT ACTOR!(Y)

haha! then went shopping with the mickey girl :D
(from cine-heeren-313-bugis, WOW! we can really walk right?!?!? O.O)

bought clothes, and had lunch with her! NICE DAY OUT!! we know each other wont stop spending and keep thinking really want to go bugis or not! haha! but good is that we didnt really see anything nice at there :D THANK GOD!

a pity that anna is not here :( and and! we got something for you ANNA! hehe~

Monday, February 15, 2010

i am! (and i dont know why =.=)

i am having the playing mood!!! (Y) finally! since when i have not been enthu in going out alr?? hmm... forgot! but whatever, i dont care anyways :D

oh ya! i feel like watching these:
  • 72 Tenants of Prosperity
  • 花田囍事2010

  • valentine's day(like not bad!)
and the UPCOMINGS:
  • toy story 3 (JUNE)
  • shrek forever after (maybe?!)

so shocking to see eclipse showing! but freaking happy! wahahahahah!
oh, and today im quite ps sia! my relatives came and im still sleeping! :P haix! unglam ttvm!

but today was really boring! and aunts they all are tempting me to play mahjong! argh!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE! and also happy valentine's day to all the couples out here!! (Y)

first day of CNY is always standard~ need to go grandmother's house to BAI NIAN! hahah!
yup, so went today~ and i think not bad (Y) cos of all the goodies! delicious ttm ah!
got my angbaos
MAHJONG SESSION! i lost $9 sia! haix! need to buck up on my skills :/ but at least im better than my sis, one lost $12 and one LOST EVERYTHING!
btw, our base is $30.. but cannot blame her anyways, she dont really play mahjong~ need to pay 'school fees' first...

and home! damn tired ans full from eating all the snacks! but contented!

tomorrow my father side's relatives will be coming.. need to wake up and help out! sian!
hope tml will be fun! :DDDD

Saturday, February 13, 2010

haix! sometimes blogger.com are damn inefficient! all the auto-saving thingy are BULLSHIT!
i clicked PUBLISH, but they told me i havent sign in acc =.= then whose acc were im in?!?!?! :/
(N)(N)(N) service!

okay, reblogging time!

ended UT, finally! (Y) now waiting for CNY!

after UT, went to singapore flyer with ANNA and MQ to apply for job.. and the trip till there was a D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!
the weather was freaking hot, and all of us wearing long sleeves! so we were cursing and swearing all the way~ LOL!
after the interview, im not sure whether i want the job or not! aiya, im just troublesome la! =.=

oh ya! and today three of us were damn buang! :D

MEIQI - ANNA and her went to buy frolick.. and the DAMN CHIO sales person told us: we only have original and lychee flavour :)
but then MQ suddenly said loudly and confidently: their original is LYCHEE flavour!
HAHAHAHHA! ANNA and me burst out laughing! even the chio salesgirl also laughed sia!
MQ ah MQ! how blur can you be?!?!?! LOL

ANNA - normally people will just use the auto-door right?! she went to open the door when the auto-door is just beside her! =.= she win alr! LOL
BUT when she know that there is a auto-door, she closed the door and entered through the auto-door! WTH!

ME - okay, i admit! i am the funniest of all today! :/
we went to FOX and wanted to ask about the hoodie shirt.. but the store was packed and im damn lazy to find it myself~ then i saw a guy standing beside the shirt collection table with clothes in his hand..
so i just ASSUMED that he is the salesperson and asked him la~
he replied: erm, im not the salesperson here.. O.O

DAMN PS TTM! MQ and ANNA saw it and laughed like no tomorrow! :///

hahah! yup yup! funny ttm! haix! and im still ps now sia! :( just how buang can i be??!?!!?

oh, and and ANNA showed me a video~ DAMN CUTE! this makes me want to have hamsters EVEN MORE MORE MORE! (Y)(Y)(Y)

cute right?!

holidays finally started! and woohoo! playtime! (Y)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i think MQ, ANNA and YZ can feel my DL-ness

LA, i think~ thats why so easily pissed nowadays :(
math, the sucky weather, the stupid train, my irritating eye and the stupid fish!

today my math, makes me speechless ttm!
what i dont understand is, i did study!
but my brain last minute broke down and my mind went blank! !@#$%&*%#@!
dont really dare to look at the grades :(

told my mom about this, just entertained me by saying: aiya, you didnt study mah, thats why!

trying not to get affect by this, but HOW??? really nb cb!
today just not right for me, everything is not right! even the smallest thing can turn me off!
thanks to all these, i got no mood for anything today! FUCK!

today im really DL ttm! to a extent that i feel like yelling at someone to let everything out! AHHHHH!
and i think my parents also felt that i am pissed, thats why today didnt nag~ LOL!

and i really need to chill, i need ice!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

should be studying, but my eyes say,no :(
(so my mind is telling me to blog, since it is collecting dust)

two down, and three to go! :) finally! and then is fun fun fun! woohoo! (Y)
i have been sleeping like shit, thanks to~ haix!
okay! good luck everyone! CNY coming, wahahaha! ba kua, HERE I COME~!

hmm, should i plan my bai nian schedule??

come to think of it, tml will be my last time seeing math in my course! :DDD (i hope is the last :P)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

find these songs not bad :D

this song i like the best, cos the lyrics very nice (Y)


Come closer to me
Let me trust you more

I like you, even when you’re insensitive and clumsy
But sometimes it’s alright if girlish troubles burden my heart (??)
We can’t easily drop acts of courage and become honest
But the fact that I can’t live without you; that alone will never change

I’m quietly whispering a softer, greater love to you
I wonder if it’ll reach you and resound in your heart
I’m quietly whispering a softer, greater love to you
I wonder if it’ll someday reach you clearly
It's alright to take a roundabout way
Because I know we'll understand each other

Somehow I can almost imagine what you want to say
My story always shifts at the essential times (??)
I can’t firmly step forward, and I’m definitely afraid
Will everything be worthless if I stay the way I am?

Come closer to me, let me trust you more
I am truly reflected in your eyes
Come closer to me, please let me trust you more
I wonder if I am depending too much on you
There's no longer a need to check each other’s feelings
Because I know we love each other

I don’t want to change you
I’m also the same as ever,
But I think it’ll be okay if it’s us
Don’t you agree it’s okay if it’s us?

Stay forever by my side
Trust me forever

Hey, I’m quietly whispering a softer, greater love to you
I wonder if it’ll reach you and resound in your heart
I’m quietly whispering a softer, greater love to you
I wonder if it’ll someday reach you clearly
It's alright to take a roundabout way
Because I know we'll understand each other

Credits: tenshi no hane @ AHS

enjoy!! :D

Saturday, February 6, 2010

so going to miss E37Q! even though we are not in same class anymore, but do meet up yeah! (Y)

ANNA for being with me for a year :D glad to know you as my 'same kuan' friend, and also great classmate! you will never be forget by me, and im sure we will still hangout right?? :DDD

WEIYUN for being my lover! never will forget your cuteness and blur-ness, never fail to make me laugh like hell! MUACK!

JEROME FOR BEING MY BFF! even though i may be fierce to you sometimes(or everytime), but you ROCKS sister!

XIANWEE for encouraging me and also helping me to get early in class :D never will forget you COO MEI! yoyoyo! LOL

STELLA for being such a funny friend! haha, always will make me laugh like hell too! especially when your actions, damn funny! rmb to continue swaying your hair okay?? LOL

NAT for being so damn irritating! okok la, and also encouraging too! :D dont sleep in class anymore, and dont so E-M-O! (Y)

DAREN for always burping! haha, but also making me laugh when i stare at you, and you will faster say: is hipcup! not burp! ohya, thanks for math also!
your expression... (Y)

MICHELLE for calling me smelly pat pat! haha! but also a funny and hardworking friend :D dont think so much and happy always, pretty!

SCHE for all the funny bimbo moments! oh ya, next birthday buy you lipgloss okay :) always be my cute and sweet bimbo girl and one :D

SEAN for being my little sweet 'butch' brother! your caring and thoughtful will never be forget by me :D going to miss all the joking times i have with you! (eh, pull your sport bra strap!)

JESELYN for being a easily amused friend! feel so happy whenever i make you laugh :D nice knowing you, and go home together again yeah? :D

LINI for being my drama queen! woohoo! talking to you will never be boring as your drama-ness keeps me entertained! see you in hollywood next time :D LOL!

HELLVEN for always making fun of me ah~ haha! but also my himbo partner (Y) talking with you will always make me laugh my nobody's buisness :DD rmb to see your improvements and forget the past okay? :D

MINER for being such a bimbo too! haha! and dont be so lazy and come school more often la, DHHM very strict one leh! and and, raymond loves you ah~(L)

YEN for being a great friend! your gentle and your sweet laughter are so memorable! you are a great teammate too(Y) never see you slack before in any of the modules before (Y)

COREEN for being my same frequency girl! always carry a smile on your face and so approachable! seeing how good tempered you are always make me guilty :P
(your figure will always be remembered :D)

HUITIN for being my most clever classmate and a caring friend too! your reactions are all cute and having a teammate like you is a blessing :DD

MYZAN for helping with all the accounts! eat more and dont fall sick anymore ah~ oh ya, having the same breakfast everyday not boring ah??

SHAM for reminding my that EDWARD IS HOT! thank you so much! and and, will not forget the fun i have with you when we are in the same team :DD

RASHIDAH for letting me know what a fan is about! so shocked that you went to buy a new phone to get the ticket for BLG, and you are sooooooo lucky! envy you for the ticket and the PHONE :P

STANLEY for being my gentleman classmate! keep it up with all your cars knowledge and also thanks for the praises! :D

HANAN for being my classmate and friend! hope you are doing well in MI :DDD

sidetrack abit ah~
we have know each other for almost a year alr! YZ and MQ! woohoo! happy to know your as a friend and glad to have you two as my classmates once :D laughing clique rocks! \m/

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

finally. IT'S HERE!
hate it. :/