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Sunday, April 19, 2009

my new hair-cut, nice?

super boring-! i now stone-ing in front of my laptop cum television, thinking of what to do or surf in my computer. school's starting tomorrow, not feeling a least excited! maybe is that i didnt get to go to the school i wanted, so seriously thinking of not going tomorrow.

but do you know how strict rp is??!
  1. cannot wear slippers to school
  2. you will be marked as 'late' if you are late for a minute ONLY!!
  3. cannot wear shorts
  4. no sleeveless wear unless there's indoor activities
i was shocked when i see these rules, it's like so damn demanding... but i dont think i will care a heck, cos i think a pair of slippers really wont kill. plus, i think the rules are just there to remind us to look presentable anytime and anywhere.

ohya, just now two very funny incidents happened in my house.
  1. my 千年老 wok have really annouced dead, it suddenly burst and broke into pieces. then, i could hear my parents cursing and swearing while they were cleaning up the kitchen. well, it is not the wok that is funny, but the 'beep' beep' words that my parents that have swore.
  2. yesterday, my mummy was hanging our clothes when she saw something very private appeared at the windows. after taking a closer look, it was the strawberry 面包-! haha, once again my mummy started to shout: oie, how can you throw something like this outside your window??!!! please be considerate hor, very unlucky one you know!! i was laughing so hard, and my sister was like burst out laughing too... what a family i have!
'shake head shake head'

well, these two things made my days. cos i cannot find anything as funny as these two incidents, that can make me laugh so hard alr.

[omg, the orange i am eating now is so damn sour-!]

tomorrow, i will be starting my school day with a enterprise skill course( if i'm not wrong). i think it will be a very boring lesson, but thank god i will be going home at 330pm. erm, i think the facilitator will not give us any project on our first day. however knowing new friends AGAIN, i got a bit sick of this.
wahahahaha, 周心驰's movie really very funny... maybe is becos of their expression, making the whole movie very funny.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

seriously, i think i have been working all this months after my o level. Erm, all i can say is tired tired tired... been listening to show luo's song: 幸福不滅 , the song is so great! i think this is the best album that 罗志祥 have produced so far-. no offence to the fans~ seriously...


沒原因 就是喜歡妳

在初次相遇 又重逢的心情

深呼吸 讓心動隱形完美的愛情


聽 我聽妳不確定的語氣

等 我等妳放下妳的憂鬱

嘿 如果你輕輕閉上眼睛


Cause i believe 那幸福不滅的定律

在你手心 會有誰誰給你的美麗

緊張痕跡 就讓我的心安靜地守著妳


沒原因 就是喜歡你

就像海全面 天空般的心情

妳靜靜 看著妳背影



妳 如果妳愛上他的心靈

愛 如果已沒有我的空隙

嘿 只有妳可以用點開心


Cause i believe 那幸福不滅的定律

在你手心 會有誰誰給妳的美麗

緊張痕跡 就讓我的心安靜地守著妳


oh i believe

Cause i believe 那幸福不滅的定律

妳的手心 不一定要由我握緊

就像恆星 總會有發光的原因

oh i believe



so damn shiok...~

shoot, today is kerina's birthday...and my handphone is out of batt!!! sry, kerina!!! =P

oh anyway, i was recruited by IMPRESSED, thanks to kerina. i think somehow or another my sucessful employment got something to do with her. well, happy birthday little beauty!!!

okay, i was a bit pissed off by my boss. he always pressurized me with his whatever sales thingy, but how can i sell or promote my stuff when there is NO customers??!! i am not joking, CK TANGS has really no customers on weekdays... really dont have-. so, as a matter of fact, i decided to go to far east.. sorry friends in ck tangs, it's time for me to go...-

But, is going to far east a good choice for me?

life is dull, nothing really changes. however, i noticed that i am still not really for outside world. maybe is that my experience is still not enough to deal with some people??? curious curious~

but one thing i have learnt is that: BACKSTABBERS NEVER WIN

actually, there's really one thing that i have while working in tangs. a friend call vicky taught me this: if we get back to the people who have backstabbed us, arent we also one of their kind?

well, it sounds so logical... that's what they say adult world, i guess-

a blink of an eye, school starting. everyone is getting busy. i am getting more... haha! let's keep in suspense, yeah?!